Brilliant and easy ways to boost productivity.

By Blake Bakkila
Updated October 05, 2020

So you're starting your first (or fourth) bullet journal—a notebook or pad that's part planner, part to-do list, and part brainstorming scratch pad where you use bullet point lists (or numbers, symbols, or illustrations) to boost your productivity. Yet whether you're an expert or a newbie, putting pen to paper can be a difficult task.

To tackle these frustrations, Health has pulled together seven ideas to inspire your next page. Here are all the ways you can plan, record, and organize your life—and start using your bullet journal to get more done.

Track your water intake

Having a difficult time downing the suggested eight glasses of water per day? Stay hydrated with a water tracker page, like this one from @hidden_horcrux. With reminders about the health benefits of drinking H20, this tracker keeps you accountable and motivated—thanks in part to the adorable droplet design.

Photo: @hidden_horcrux

Prep your meals

A planned-out meal schedule gives you one less thing to have to think about when you get home from work stressed and tired at the end of the day. Take inspiration from this burger and soda drawing from @sweetestchelle. Map out your weekly menu and grocery list accordingly, and avoid having to pick up an actual burger and soda from the nearest drive-thru.

Meal Planning
Photo: @sweetestchelle
| Credit: @sweetestchelle/Instagram

Manage your expenses

Budgeting is not easy. But thanks to this minimalist page design from @hellodeborahuk, you can use your bullet journal to organize your expenses in no time. This example features categories like baby and gas, but it's up to you to make categories for your own expenses and prioritize them each month.

Photo: @hellodeborahuk

Record your habits

A big part of staying healthy means maintaining sound habits that keep you in shape. This chart created by @craftyenginerd will allow you to record your healthy habits and adjust them when needed. A few ideas on her list include checking a box each time you cook at home, get out of bed by 7 a.m., and floss.

Photo: @craftyenginerd

Log your gratitude

It’s important to stay mindful when life gets hectic. With a gratitude log, similar to this one from @irina.planning, you can remind yourself of what matters most to you in life and start truly appreciating what you have. Whether it’s a positive memory or a best friend, you can look back on it whenever you’re feeling down with this design visual.

Photo: @irina.planning

Number your bucket list

Whether it's climbing Kilimanjaro or writing the next great American novel, adding a bucket list page to your bullet journal will give you big-picture goals to start working toward. This sleek option from @lookbullet is a sweet way to start jotting down your dreams.

Photo: @lookbullet

Review your month

Reflect on the past 30 days by creating your own monthly review, like this one by @craftyenginerd. This assessment can help you look back on positive memories, monitor your habits, and point out which goals you're still working toward, and which ones you've accomplished.

Photo: @craftyenginerd