Brooke Shields' Positive Mantra for Staying Positive When Everything Possible Goes Wrong

It's worked for her through all her challenges, even postpartum depression.

Brooke Shields wants you to do everything in your power to keep a sunny outlook—so much so that she made "stay positive no matter what" her personal mantra. Why so much emphasis on positivity? Basically, optimism can help you get through rough times. "It's not easy to stay positive...and you have to remind yourself [to stay positive] even more than daily," the actress and mom of two told Health.

Life is filled with challenges to your strength and spirit, from losing someone you love to having the rug pulled out from under you emotionally to dealing with a mental health condition (like postpartum depression, as Shields has). In situations like these when it feels like there can't possibly be an upside, Shields believes it's important to find that light at the end of the tunnel.

Shields says that fear and negativity can feel paralyzing when she's faced with challenges. So she asks herself: "Do I want to just disappear or do I want to continue on? It's that simple—and sometimes you have to do it every day."

Watch the rest of Brooke's mantra in the video above.

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