Brandee Evans' Mantra Will Help You Find Joy in Any Moment

This will make you put your phone down ASAP.

Brandee Evans of P-Valley fame feels strongly about living in the moment, so much so that she's made it her personal mantra. "We have to take this time and truly be present," Evans tells Health. "So living in the moment is where I am."

Evans adopted this mantra while on tour as a dancer with Katy Perry. Her security guard mentioned she should live in the moment more when Evans was glued to her phone. Obsessed with checking in, she realized he was right. "I try to remember that when I'm taking in moments that are good or not even so good," says Evans.

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Thanks (or no thanks) to the pandemic, Evans realized that she hadn't been following her mantra in a while. Now she's happy to take time out to just be. "Life is just so short... and I'm having this time as a caregiver with my mother, spending time with family and friends (even virtually)," says Evans.

Her mom has Alzheimer's disease and multiple sclerosis, so Evans keeps her mantra in mind when caregiving gets tough. "There's gonna be a moment where [I'd] wish I could go in there and hug [my] mom," says Evans. Even when she's stressed, she finds the blessing in it all.

Now on social media, Evans is conscious of whether she's showing off or living in the moment. "If you're just trying to show [off to] someone, you're not truly living authentically in the moment."

You can watch the rest of Brandee's mantra in the video above.

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