Bra fat, armpit bulge, arm boob—every woman has it, so why not celebrate it?


Every woman, whether they wear an A cup of a DD, has one bra complaint in common: bra bulge. Arm boob, bra fat, you know what we mean—that fleshy pouch of skin between your armpit and breast that forms even when you wear the most perfectly fitting bra.

Because media images are often retouched and bra bulge is usually hidden from view behind clothes, it's easy to forget that it's completely normal.

Now, one influencer has set out to embrace her bra bulge by sharing a photo of her breasts, and her post about it struck such a nerve, it's since gone viral.

Danae Mercer, a Dubai-based journalist and blogger, posted a collage of photos about “bra fat” earlier this month.

"BRA FAT / ARMPIT BULGE / ARM BO0B. Whatever you want to call it, a lot of us have it,” Mercer wrote in her caption. “Because, hey, we have lady tatas and while side boobs are considered sexy, apparently this bit of skin, for whatever random reason, is not.”

“Anyways, today, tomorrow, let’s rock our bit of folded skin,” she continued. “It’s human and normal and absolutely NOT something we should be ashamed of. Enough is enough."

Her message received major support from her fans, including more than 75 comments that agreed with her message.

“I cannot thank you enough for talking about all the things that we secretly hate about our body and feel like there's literally no one else who's dealing with these little problems because everyone seems so unicorn-perfect,” one user wrote.

"Absolutely agree that skin or extra ‘flesh’ gets a bad wrap. Having fitted bras for 14 years that’s always the comment I get from my customers and it’s SO normal and you wouldn’t be human without it. Love the skin you’re in," another added.

This isn't the first time that Mercer has spoken out about normalizing the so-called flaws on women's bodies. Her feed is filled with posts that promote self-acceptance and love—themes that clearly resonate with her 40K-plus followers.

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