This Viral Photo of a Woman Not Fitting Into Her Pre-COVID Jeans Is the Perfect Response to the Quarantine 15

Instead of feeling bad because she gained a few pounds during lockdown, this woman celebrated with a candid before-and-after photo.

Adriana Blanc isn’t the only person to have gained a few extra pounds during the pandemic. The so-called “Quarantine 15” is no surprise—we’ve all been stocking up on food and doing a lot more sitting around at home than we normally would. But the 23-year-old wellness content creator from Barcelona, Spain has a unique perspective on her weight gain, and it’s one we could all benefit from adopting.

Blanc shared a “transformation” post with a difference to her Instagram page—it's in honor of her jeans.

“I tried my pre-quarantine jeans on and they didn’t even slightly zip up so I did this crazy thing where I just bought myself a new fuckin pair of jeans, put a cute top on and angled myself nicely,” Blanc wrote in the caption. “And I feel fabulous OKAYYY.”

She continued: “No one will stand up at your funeral and say ‘she was so so great but, man, she fluffed up a jeans size during quarantine dafuq was that all about?’ So in case anyone needed this: if ur jeans make you feel weird, buy a new pair.” ⁣

Blanc exercised six days a week all through lockdown, but she quickly noticed the effects of not being able to move around as often as she's used to. In Spain, people weren’t allowed to leave their home, and they risked getting fined if they were caught outdoors without a good reason.

“I’m a serious walker and I walk everywhere in my normal life—around 20,000 steps a day—so that was reduced to around 5,000, and I could feel myself getting sluggish,” she tells Health.

When it came to her eating habits, Blanc says she found herself mindlessly grabbing anything out of the cupboards to snack on. “It was a form of entertainment, almost,” she says.

Blanc has been able to see lots of positives in lockdown—like working on her business, reading, getting closer to her parents, and reconnecting with old friends. She believes this is largely why she felt so unbothered by her weight gain. “I became a better person during quarantine, and was able to completely detach my sense of self-worth from my jeans size,” she says.

The “amazingly positive” response to her “for my jeans” Instagram post took her by surprise.

“It was probably the least thought out post I’ve ever made,” she says. “I bought some jeans over lockdown since I could physically feel I wouldn’t fit into my old ones. When I moved into my old flat and found my old jeans, I decided to try them on—they didn’t even zip up. I took a snap to send to my boyfriend with a funny ‘whoops’ caption.”

While pre-quarantine Blanc would have been traumatized by her weight gain—”my slim body was a defining factor of who I was,” she admits—this time, she felt nothing. “As I’ve grown up, I’ve realized that body fluctuations are more than normal, especially as life and priorities change. I am so much more than my jeans size.”

Blanc is grateful for the new followers she’s gained since her post went viral, and she puts daily effort into creating a relationship with them. “I’m super excited to build on this momentum to encourage people to value themselves for who they are, not what they weigh,” she says.

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