Toni Braxton Shares Her Wellness Routine and Motivation

At Health, we're all for honoring and welcoming body positivity regardless of age. After all, aging is something we all do. So, we're always happy when super celebs like Toni Braxton take to social media to share their body positivity. This time Braxton has decided to bless our timelines with a brand-new swimsuit post. The star regularly shares her wellness routines and what leads to her motivation on social media.

The singer shared a video to Instagram that showed her in a red string bikini, paired only with oversized sunglasses. And to serve as a reminder that age is just a number: She is 53 years old.

"Red Hot Sunday 🌶," she captioned the post. The video not only shows off her toned body—from butt to arms to abs—but it also shows off her new bald look.

If you weren't too distracted by what the Braxton Family Values star looked like, you might have noticed that the song in the background had the lyrics, "I'm coming in hot." And wow, she truly is.

"TONI SAID HOT GIRL SUMMER STARTS TODAY, I KNOW THAT'S RIGHT," one person commented. "THIS ENERGY >>> IM HERE FOR IT 🔥," another commenter said. "It should be a crime to be that fine 😍🔥🔥," yet another wrote.

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Braxton's Wellness Routine

Braxton has shared details of her wellness routine in the past. One of them is using a vibrator on her face. Yep, you read that right: The "Un-Break My Heart" singer uses a vibrator to massage her face as a way to help reduce puffiness. Although, she says she likes to call it a "face tingler" instead. "Sometimes I put it in the freezer and it gets really cold. I just kind of rub it and it just activates all those muscles," Braxton said.

In addition to activating her face muscles, Braxton also likes to get in a good workout—and according to an interview with Healthy Living Magazine, it's an everyday thing. "If I do cardio, work on my treadmill. I walk 40 minutes on my treadmill every single day," she said.

But she credits her abs to her singing career: "I'm very lucky because as a singer, we always use our force. It's like nature's sit-ups for singers, but I work out every day."

Lifestyle Motivation

Braxton's lifestyle seems to be influenced by a lupus diagnosis, which she received in 2008, as Health previously reported. Lupus, an autoimmune disease that attacks the major body organs, can cause fever, fatigue, muscle pain, and rashes. "Lupus makes my body all achy and constantly inflamed," Braxton said in the interview with Health.

To help with the occasional flare, Braxton will sometimes take steroids to reduce inflammation in the body. Steroids are a common treatment option for lupus, as well as many other autoimmune diseases.

"If you ever see me and I look a little bit fluffy, it's because I'm on steroids," she told Healthy Living Magazine—and that leads her to watch her diet a little more closely and nourish it with other healthy, anti-inflammatory options. To help with the inflammation linked to her lupus diagnosis, Braxton also previously told health she relies on cannabidiol (CBD), often by way of CBD-infused beauty products, which she said has been a "godsend" for her condition.

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