Tess Holliday Reveals What Changed Her Relationship With Her Body in Emotional Instagram Post

The body-positive influencer credits Pilates with making her feel connected to her body, mind, and soul.

Model and body-positive influencer Tess Holliday shared a video of herself at the gym last week, explaining just how influential Pilates has been in her life. The video shows Holliday goofing off with Sora Connor, an LA-based Pilates instructor.

Tess Holliday

"Comin' in hot w/ my bb angel," Holliday wrote, referring to Connor, who ran and jumped into Holliday's arms.

Holliday, 35, went on to explain how Pilates—the low-impact exercise that focuses on flexibility while gaining strength—has changed her life: "Pilates has helped me start to heal my relationship with my body & I feel truly connected: mind, body & soul for the first time in my life," she wrote. "Can't stop smiling."

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This isn't the first time Holliday has spoken out about her evolving relationship with her own body. On March 6, she posted a photo of herself posing in lingerie, and, in the caption, opened up about how she's been working on her body. Holliday wrote that she had to post the pic because "honestly I've been working too damn hard to not show this body off properly!!"

She went on to share a message of self-love for all those struggling to appreciate their own bodies: "This is your reminder that bodies like mine are beautiful, strong, capable, & valid. I know society tells you otherwise, & it fucking sucks, I get it. I know that regardless of the progress that's been made as a collective, it's not enough & we are still existing in a world that doesn't respect us. It's tough."

But Holliday encouraged her followers not to give in, sharing an empowering message of the importance of representation: "Let them underestimate us, we're gonna keep our thick ass, no thigh gap havin' legs on their necks until things change, ok? I love you. I love us. Hang in there ok?"

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