Rihanna's Savage x Fenty Men's Collection Breaks Barriers With Plus-Size Male Models

Male fans share why it made them feel confident, sexy, and even emotional.

Fashion and music mogul Rihanna has made a name for herself by putting diversity first in all of her products, from makeup to lingerie. Now she's broken another barrier with her Savage x Fenty Vol. 2 fashion show (currently streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime) by placing plus-size male models at forefront of her men's collection.

Men who see themselves in her show have taken to social media to praise Rihanna's inclusion and body diversity.

"I just realized [I] have never seen a male model with a body type close to mine that wasn't there as a joke. Seeing this made me really happy," writes Twitter user @snugiebum5. "They even kept the stretch marks."

The larger male model on the Savage x Fenty website, who goes by Steven G., was elated by the attention from the plus-size male community. "I never would've thought my first time ever shirtless on the internet would be with @badgalriri for @savagexfenty,"

Steven G. wrote in an Instagram post. "I thought this was for me but this is for every guy built with some extra meat, that unbuttons that bottom button when tryna avoid the crease, that has to shop around like crazy cause the sizes for us are already gone but we sauce up a fit and still flex the drip. We here [sic], we are sexy, and we are the wave."

His impact was definitely throughout Rihanna's community, encouraging larger men to feel sexy and more comfortable in their skin.

Another plus-size male model featured in the Savage x Fenty show, who goes by oouizz, also gave thanks to Rihanna for allowing him to be part of the representation. "WE MADE HISTORY! The #SAVAGEXFENTYSHOW Vol. 2 is oozing with inclusivity and I'm so proud to be a part of this!" Soouizz wrote in an Instagram post.

Besides adding men of all sizes to her show, Rihanna made sure that all gender identities, sexualities, body sizes, abilities, and ages were represented, including 57-year-old actress Demi Moore and 61-year-old comedian Luenell.

As much as we want to discuss body positivity, we can't forget that men, like women, are also held to unrealistic and unhealthy body standards. Men and masculine-presenting people deserve body positivity as well, and Rihanna is ensuring that conversation happens.

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