Paulina Porizkova Shares New Lingerie Photo to Celebrate Her Body: 'It's the Only One You Have'

In a new Instagram post, the 56-year-old former model reflects on the time when she felt "most insecure."

Paulina Porizkova is aiming to remind her followers once again to love their bodies exactly the way they are—and to avoid comparisons to "ridiculous standards of perfection." In a new Instagram post shared over the weekend, the 56-year-old former model shared a new message with fans: Celebrate yourself without comparing yourself to others.

"When I was the most seen, I was the most insecure. My body and face were my capital, and held to ridiculous standards of perfection," she wrote alongside a new photo of herself, posing in lingerie and black heels. "When you're constantly compared to other versions of perfection, your own will certainly be questioned."

Porizkova continued explaining that during her peak modeling years, she struggled with self confidence due to the fact that she was always comparing herself to others.

"Instead of loving the body I was in, I was always vaguely ashamed that my legs weren't as perfect as this one's, my hips not as prettily round as this other one's, my boobs not a big as that one's," she wrote. "When the measure is perfection, no one can live up to it."

She then shared a quote from the book "On Living" written by her friend, Kerry Egan, about a dying woman's confession that what she will "miss most of all" in life is her own body and regretting she hadn't appreciated it sooner.

"This body that danced and ate and swam and had sex and made babies. It's amazing to think about it. This body actually made my children. It carried me through this world," the quote reads. "And I'm going to have to leave it. I don't have a choice. And to think I spent all those years criticizing how it looked, and never noticing how good it felt. Until now when it never feels good."

"No, you don't have to celebrate your body by posing in lingerie or nude, although it is a pretty good way to capture your beautiful hard-working body," Porizkova said. "But DO love it. Celebrate it. Pay homage to it. It's the only one you have."

For Porizkova, however, posing in lingerie is one way that she celebrates her body. In another recent Instagram post, she shared that her motivation for putting on lingerie has nothing to do with other people now. "When I was younger, I put on lingerie for HIM," she wrote. "Now I dress in lingerie for ME."

In that same post, she confessed that while she might not look the same as she did in her younger years, she focuses on how aging has made her more beautiful. "No, I no longer have the suppleness of youth, but I have the softness of maturity. My eyes may not be as clearly defined or wide, but they see so much more. My lips may not be as full, but they are far more willing to speak truths and laugh without restraint. My hair is no longer brown, but the softening silver strands add interest and contrast. My skin no longer reflects light like a polished mirror, instead it gathers it, and puts it inside my heart, where it warms and makes me shine," she continued.

"I celebrate me, my body and the things it can do and feel. (So what - a little hip arthritis…) And mourn the years I lost to be able to fully appreciate it," she wrote. "I've never liked the way I look more than I do today. (The other stuff is still work in progress.) And THAT's why I wear lingerie."

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