Iskra Lawrence Poses in Bikini to Encourage Body Confidence in New Instagram Video

"I'm a 10. And so are you."

British model Iskra Lawrence, 30, posted a *very* body positive video of herself on Instagram Thursday morning. In the clip, she poses in a bikini-and then a bikini and coverup-mouthing the words to a popular audio clip during which a woman tells an interviewer she's flawless.

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"I'm a 10. Yeah, I'm flawless," Lawrence says (er, mouths). Her caption reiterated the empowering message. "I'm a 10. And so are you. don't let anybody call you a 2 period," she wrote.

This isn't the first time Lawrence has spoken out to encourage her followers to stay body positive. In fact, in addition to her modeling career, she's also made a career of sorts out of being a champion for body positivity-and her Instagram feed is full of examples.

On June 7, the model (who gave birth to her son in April 2020) shared a video of herself walking out of her pool in a bikini, along with a photo of herself and her son playing in the pool. "Mama Monday," she captioned the photo. Just a few days later, Lawrence was at it again sharing another video, this time showing off a one-piece swimsuit. "Put on the suit and remember who you are," she wrote, adding the hashtag #everyBODYsummer.

Earlier this year, in January, Lawrence also spoke out about how motherhood changed her body-and how it took time to get used to those changes. She posted a series of photos of herself in lingerie, writing in the caption: "Still getting used to [modeling] in this new body that's stretched, widened, and feels softer but stronger than ever...A new me to grow into and nurture."

As usual, Lawrence's followers were quick to like her post and praise her for her support of the body-positive movement. "We're all 10's!!!!!" One user wrote. "What other people think is their problem. Live your life unapologetically." Another shared, "Yes #midsizebabes. Same here!! I'm a 10! You're a 10! Love this!!!"

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