Halle Berry's Bikini Pic Shows Off How Toned She Is at 54-Here's What Her Fitness Routine Is Like

Her workouts include a mix of different exercises.

Halle Berry just posted a bikini photo to Instagram that shows her toned physique. "If it requires a bikini, my answer is always yes please!," the 54-year-old actress captioned the picture on June 7. In the shot, she is lying on the sand in a patterned bathing suit, one leg crossed in the air, with beach-wavy hair.

The comments section was filled with fire emojis, including from Jamie Foxx and Taraji P. Henson. "Stop it. You're killing me," actress Julianne Moore wrote. "You look amazing!!! 🔥😍👏🏽," someone commented. "Just take a look at the body of someone above 50😍😍😍😍😍...#ageless ❤️❤️❤️," another person wrote.

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The Oscar winner has been open about the fitness routine she keeps up with to maintain her body. That routine includes boxing, which she revealed is her "favorite way to stay fit" in an Instagram post on May 1.

Boxing isn't her only workout. She does a wide range of exercises, like MMA-style fighting, yoga, martial arts, and strength training, according to SELF. One exercise she doesn't like? Running. "It was just not for me," Berry told SELF. "I think there's a fine line between challenging yourself and forcing yourself, and it's important to know the difference." She's currently challenging herself by also working toward her purple belt in jiu jitsu.

It's all part of a longstanding routine Berry has kept up with for decades. "I have a health and wellness plan that I've been able to stick to for the last 30 years that has really shaped the quality of my life, how I'm aging, and how I show up for my children and for work," she's told Harper's Bazaar. (Of course, that routine isn't just exercise. She's talked about her nutritional choices in the past, too.)

Berry documents much of her fitness routine on Instagram, and the positive vibe her posts have make it clear she enjoys working out. In fact, she loves fitness so much, she recently partnered with women's activewear brand Sweaty Betty. "Fitness and wellness have meant so much to me in my life and being a part of creating an athleisure line was a joy to do…" she wrote in an Instagram post on May 18.

"For me, I want the best life possible, I want to be around for my children, I want to feel amazing," Berry told SELF. "When you think of this as a lifestyle, not an activity that you check off your to-do list, you take out the mundane aspect of it. You turn it from a 'have to do' into a 'want to do,' and that's a fundamental shift. When you start finding out how good you can feel, it's impossible for that to be boring."

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