Eva Longoria Looks Super Toned in a New Swimsuit Photo—Here’s How She Does It at 46

Hint: It involves a lot of bouncing around.

Eva Longoria seems like she's living her best life. The actress has been posting pictures of herself posing in a swimsuit from an undisclosed picturesque vacation spot—and the latest swimsuit photo she put on Instagram yesterday is making her followers go wild with praise.

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In the most recent pic, Longoria can be seen in a simple white one-piece, paired only with bold sunglasses and fierce pink nails. She captioned the post with, "🤍☀️🕶."

Commenters were quick to point out how amazingly toned the 46-year-old actress appears.

In between all the fire emojis, commenters were hyping her up, including singer and designer Victoria Beckham, who wrote, "Wow! U look incredible!! Kisses x."

Another person commented, "Wow 🤩 that trampoline is doing good 🔥😂." Trampoline? Turns out that in addition to her swimsuit pics, Longoria has been posting videos of herself doing trampoline workouts, including this one from April 13. As previously reported on Health,trampolines can be a boon to any fitness routine, burning as many calories as a 10-minute jog..

In her latest trampoline workout post, it looks like not even the high seas can stop her—she's apparently doing her routine on a boat. (Maybe it's technically a yacht. Regardless, super relatable.)

But her trampoline workouts are nothing new; Longoria's been posting about them for at least the last four months. In her Instagram Story, she has videos of herself doing different routines on the trampoline, some of which she does by following along to virtual classes over Zoom. While she's said that she loves the trampoline, she's also pretty honest about how challenging it can be. In one video she said that her "ass was officially kicked," from the workout.

Of course, doing complicated moves (sometimes with hand weights) on the trampoline isn't the only way she stays fit. "I'm a runner, I do yoga, I do Pilates, I do SoulCycle, and I'm just constantly mixing it up," she previously told People. "And I watch what I eat. Everybody thinks there's some kind of secret to looking good, but it's not a secret. It's diet and exercise."

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