She managed to turn an emergency surgery into an empowering body positive moment.


You might think men are the only people who can suffer from a hernia, but the injury is actually also common among women who have given birth. After being rushed into emergency surgery last Friday, mom of four Jamie Fay became one of those women.

Fay’s hernia was pressing against her femoral artery and had to be repaired as soon as possible. Fay wrote on Instagram that she felt like her body had failed her. “It was scary. I felt embarrassed by [my body’s] shortcomings.”

The scar from the surgery rests right on Fay’s bikini line. Although the scar is still healing, it will leave a red line behind as a constant reminder of the surgery, she wrote.

Fay has opened up on Instagram in previous posts about her struggles with self-love. But rather than let her insecurities sneak their way back in, she is sharing her story and her scar to put an end to her negative thoughts.

“Today, instead of being ashamed, angry, and sad, I choose to remain thankful. Thankful I finally listened to my body. That my body gave me the signs I needed. That the doctors quickly and accurately diagnosed me. That their knowledge and expertise saved my life,” Fay wrote.

Fay has made the conscious choice to love her body and we are so here for it. She bares it all for her Instagram followers, including her stretch marks. Displaying what she once viewed as flaws has made her more confident and proud of her body.

“Today I choose to make it all less complicated and love [my body]," Fay wrote. "Because life is already complicated enough."

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