The 5 Best CBD Bath Bombs for Your Most Relaxing Bath Yet

They’re the newest self-care trend worth trying.

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It seems like CBD can be found in everything these days, whether it's a classic tincture, a roll-on muscle cream, or even a gummy candy. And if you're a fan of self-care trends and finding new ways to relax, then CBD bath bombs may be just the product you've been waiting for.

In these bath bombs, hemp-derived CBD oil is mixed with ingredients like sodium bicarbonate (better known as baking soda) and citric acid to create a fizzy effect. Some include additions, like essential oils, to offer even more relief and relaxation for your whole body.

These are the 5 best CBD bath bombs to buy online:

Keep reading to learn how CBD bath bombs work, and how they can help take your self-care routine to the next level.

What are the best CBD bath bombs?

When it comes to self-care, there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. Some people may prefer to soak in a CBD bath to enhance their relaxation, while others may be more curious to see if these hemp-infused bath bombs alleviate soreness. Everyone has different preferences, so these top products highlight the best CBD bath bombs for various needs.

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Best Overall: Prima Bath Gem

Prima Bath Gem

Prima Bath Gems aim to restore, detoxify, and moisturize. Prima uses functional minerals and aromatherapeutics to ease tension while also moisturizing and softening the skin.

Each bath bomb includes 25 milligrams of broad spectrum hemp CBD plus Epsom salt and meadowfoam oils. Prima's bath bombs are gluten free and hypoallergenic.

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Best Value: cbdMD Bath Bomb 4-Pack

CbdMD Bath Bomb

Sometimes one bath isn't enough, and this 4-pack of CBD bath bombs from cbdMD allows you to treat yourself again and again—at a reasonable price. One set comes with four of the brand's signature bath bombs, each with 100 milligrams of CBD included. The "relax" variety is a purple bath bomb infused with lavender essential oil, while "romance" delightfully combines red and white colors and smells of frankincense. Infused with lively eucalyptus oil, "Rise" is a vibrant orange, and "restore" includes a mix of oils in a luxurious green color. Together, these four bath bombs are THC-free, and the best value option for those who really love soaking in a CBD bath.

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Best for Soft Skin: CBD for Life Fresh Bamboo Bath Bomb

CBD For Life CBD Bath Bomb

This bamboo-scented bath bomb features ylang ylang essential oils and 35 milligrams of CBD isolate to create a calming environment for you to soak in. And while these bath bombs may be vibrant with color, CBD only uses batch-certified colors, so they'll never stain your tub or your skin. They're also available in a variety of other scents, like pink salt and citrus, eucalyptus and peppermint, and lemongrass kiwi, which can also be purchased together in a combo pack for bathtime lovers who want to try them all.

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Best for Aches and Pains: Highline Wellness Bath Bomb

Highline Wellness CBD Bath Bomb

In collaboration with beauty guru Hannah Bronfman, Highline Wellness has unveiled a wellness bath bomb that incorporates all the ingredients you'd want in a relaxing bath. Along with 100 milligrams of CBD, you'll find soothing botanicals like frankincense, rose, and lavender to create a bathtime experience like no other.

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Best Scents: Seabedee Jasmine and Eucalyptus Bath Bomb

Seabedee Bath Bomb

Seabedee offers three types of refreshing bath bombs, each one with a different essential oils: jasmine, eucalyptus, or lavender. The eucalyptus option in particular is a customer-favorite thanks to its refreshing scent that's said to calm the mind and restore the entire body. Formulated with a terpene blend, 100 milligrams of full-spectrum CBD, and other soothing ingredients like epsom salt and almond oil, these bath bombs are a great way to unwind after a workout.

How to choose a CBD bath bomb

Like all CBD products and supplements, CBD bath bombs are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, which is why it's so important to do your research. To ensure you're choosing high quality, effective, and safe CBD products, you'll want to start by checking a brand's third-party lab test results, then looking at other factors like hemp source, pricing, and customer reviews.

With this in mind, we've already done the work for you and compiled a list of the best CBD bath bombs currently available online. Each product on our list has been thoroughly tested for quality ingredients, so you can be sure you'll have a great bathtime experience with CBD.

CBD bath bomb benefits

Although CBD products aren't intended to treat medical conditions, many users find that CBD enhances their day-to-day lives. The effects of CBD are made possible by cannabinoid receptors that exist throughout the body. Since many of these receptors are located in your skin, when a phytocannabinoid like CBD is applied topically (via a lotion, salve, or bath bomb) it stimulates the receptors. This may result in anti-inflammatory benefits, like alleviating sore muscles or aching joints.

Of course, these bath bombs provide the same self-care perks as traditional bath bombs, but perhaps with even more relaxation. Baths, in general, are a great way to unwind after a long day, release muscle tension, and devote some time to taking care of yourself. Many CBD bath bombs also feature essential oils—such as lavender oil for extra relaxation before bedtime or eucalyptus oil to soothe irritation—along with natural botanicals extracted from hemp, which moisturize the skin. These additions can make all the difference when you want to calm your mind, restore your body, and rejuvenate your skin.

Do CBD bath bombs really work?

While there aren't any studies on CBD bath bombs specifically, there is research on the advantages of a warm bath. One 2018 study published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine found that taking a hot bath each day for two weeks resulted in self-reports of less fatigue, stress, and pain compared to showering. This doesn't necessarily mean you need to take a bath every single day to reap the rewards—a hot soak, no matter often you take one, will help you de-stress at the end of the day, and may even help you fall asleep more easily.

According to the aforementioned study, soaking for at least 10 minutes will offer the most benefits. If you have a serious medical condition, have sensitive skin, use prescription medications, or are pregnant or nursing, be sure to take your doctor's advice about water temperature and the length of time you bathe. Otherwise, how long you soak is largely up to you.

When adding CBD bath bombs into your wellness routine, you'll likely benefit from the stress-relieving and tension-reducing properties of a regular bath, plus the added advantages from the CBD extract. However, you won't experience the whole body effects of CBD, which are more prominent when ingesting CBD in the form of an oil, capsule, or edible.

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