Here's to a year full of fierce women unafraid to smash beauty standards.


Pop the champagne and throw the confetti, it’s time to celebrate. The body-positive movement had some major wins in 2018, from #AerieREAL giving body hair a public platform to plus-size models taking over Times Square. We've rounded up 10 of the most badass body-positivity moments of 2018—so you can relive the top power moves of the year.

Tess Holliday enjoyed tub time with her young son

We can always count on Tess Holliday to keep it real on Instagram, but her standout post from the year showed her son, Bowie, in the bathtub interrupting her alone time in the bathtub. It's an unguarded moment not everyone would be comfortable posting on social media, yet Holliday had no problem putting it out there. “This photo isn’t ‘flattering’, but I don’t care,” she wrote. “I’m proud of my body, & what it’s capable of & how funny & ridiculous my life/motherhood is.”

Sarah Hyland showed off her surgery scar

Sarah Hyland has never been shy about sharing details of her health issues on social media—especially her kidney transplant scar. In July, the Modern Family actress posted a photo of herself in a bikini while on vacation in Mexico. Look closely; you can see the scar on her abdomen. Hyland had the surgery in 2012 due to a condition called kidney dysplasia.

An #AerieREAL model flaunted her armpit hair

Everyone can agree #AerieREAL is taking home the body-positivity crown this year. The campaign has featured a model in a wheelchair, another with alopecia, and even a woman flaunting armpit hair. She also has braces, something so many young women can relate to but are rarely seen in ads.

Chrissy Teigen clapped back at a hater who criticized her weight

Chrissy Teigen looked absolutely stunning in a silver ensemble at the 2018 Emmy Awards. But while most of her fans were fawning over her style, one lowly Twitter user chimed in with this gem: "I’m asking this with the utmost respectful [sic], but is @chrissyteigen pregnant again?" Teigen isn’t afraid to put haters in their place, and she didn't waste any time doing so. "I just had a baby but thank you for being soooo respectful,” she wrote from her seat at the Emmys. You tell ‘em, girl.

Kylie Jenner's scar graced the cover of a magazine

Kylie Jenner’s scar was front and center on the August cover of GQ. “What’s the biggest scar on my body?” Jenner asked her partner, Travis Scott, in a video at the cover shoot, quizzing him on how well he knows her. Scott had no trouble getting the answer right. “The biggest scar? On your leg,” he replied. Jenner has never tried to hide her the jagged line on her leg, and really, why should she?

J. Lo wowed us with her strong arms

Used to be that a woman with muscular, well-defined arms wasn’t considered “feminine.” Luckily, those days are behind us. Fact is, nothing is more womanly than wearing your strength on your sleeve. A few months ago, Jennifer Lopez posted a photo of her flexing her seriously toned arms, and we must say, she looked damn good.

Iskra Lawrence ate a burger in her underwear

Are you really living if you don’t indulge every once and awhile? Iskra Lawrence clearly sees the value in giving in to your cravings. A few months ago, the model and body-positive advocate posted a photo of herself enjoying a burger in the backseat of a car in her bra and underwear. Hey, if you don’t say yes to yourself, who’s going to do it for you?

This woman got real about loose skin

After losing 312 pounds, 27-year-old Lexi Reed was finally free of the weight that had kept her “prisoner” for so many years, as she put it. But no one told her she was about to face an entirely new obstacle: loose skin, which caused her debilitating pain. In September, Reed had some of her skin surgically removed, changing her life forever. One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is her dedication to documenting her experience on Instagram in hopes of helping others.

Winnie Harlow walked in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

This year, Winnie Harlow became the first model with vitiligo to walk in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Vitiligo is a skin disorder that causes pigment-free patches of skin to appear randomly on the body. Harlow has used her modeling career to raise awareness about vitiligo, and being part of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was always her dream.

Plus-size models took over Times Square

Curve model Khrystyana Kazakova organized The Real Catwalk, a body-positive fashion show that took Times Square by storm one weekend in early December. Kazakova, a former America’s Next Top Model contestant, wanted to give women of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds a place on the runway in response to the less-inclusive Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. In our opinion, it was the fiercest show of the year.

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