Actress Azie Tesfai Shares the Mantra That's Helped Her Overcome Anxiety During the Pandemic

Here's how she stays positive in uncertain times.

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Like many of us, actress Azie Tesfai, 28, has been focused on her health during the past year. But to keep the COVID-19 pandemic from making her excessively worried or panicked, she repeats this mantra to herself: "I am healthy, I am safe, and I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be,'" Tesfai tells Health.

"I have stuck with that one for the obvious reason of the pandemic," the Jane the Virgin actress says. "I think all of us have been nervous about our health and concerned for our safety and feel like we're missing out on so much, whether it's seeing friends, family, travel, or work opportunities or trying to manage any of that."

Tesfai went on to say that her mantra has also helped her fight pandemic-induced anxiety. "I think so many of us are waking up with anxiety during this time [and] that's something we haven't experienced in our lifetime before," she says. "So the most essential thing we all need is to feel we're safe."

For Tesfai, recognizing that she's healthy—even when COVID cases and deaths dominate news headlines—helps her get through the workday. "Reminding myself that where I am right now is very complicated, but so right," she adds.

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