Ashley Graham Just Shared the Most Intimate Breastfeeding Photo on Instagram

And (surprise!) people are already being rude.

Tuesday was a big day for Ashley Graham and her growing family: First, Graham and her husband, Justin Ervin, debuted their newborn on her podcast, Pretty Big Deal—and now, she's sharing an incredibly intimate picture of her son breastfeeding.

In the new Instagram photo shared Tuesday afternoon, Graham is shown in a black nursing bra with her hair pulled back into a bun, breastfeeding her son, Issac Menelik Giovanni Ervin. Her husband is in the photo too, looking over Graham's shoulder as she feeds their newborn. "I remember holding Isaac for the first time and telling Justin, 'Now we're family forever,'" Graham wrote, captioning the post.

The supermodel went on to list all the reasons she currently has to feel grateful: "All of the love and support from this amazing community, an incredible husband, and a beautiful baby who has opened my eyes to just how amazing this world really is," she wrote, before thanking Issac and Ervin for "being my favorite @prettybigdealpod guests so far."

The photo is clearly stunning, but, as with literally any post by a celebrity on social media, the trolls showed up with some pretty rude responses to Graham's sweet photo. "Lemme get a sip," wrote one commenter. "That child will never go hungry," said another. And, just for good measure, another commenter wrote: "Jheeeez that breast to head ratio!!!"

To be fair, those rude comments were few and far between (though that doesn't make them any less gross), and luckily, Graham's post elicited far more positive responses than negative ones—mainly in the form of lots and lots of emoji hearts and congratulatory sentiments: "So happy for you guys! What a beautiful family," wrote Olympic medalist Lindsey Vonn, while Katie Couric responded with: "Mazel! Such a beautiful family."

Still, others applauded Graham for showing the real side of breastfeeding: "Thank you for posting real mama photos. I wish I had seen this before my first. Beautiful," wrote one commenter. Another praised Graham for using her platform to "normalize breastfeeding—plus size breastfeeding at that," and still someone else commented, "I can't tell you how encouraging it is to see someone who looks like us celebrating their strength and confidence."

Regardless of all the feedback though (both good and, uh, worthy of an eye roll) only one thing really matters: That Issac is healthy and cared for—and that Graham and her husband are enjoying these special moments as much as possible.

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