Angela Kinsey Uses This Mantra to Motivate Herself to Work Out as She Gets Older

Short and sweet, her mantra will make you want to move instantly.

You may know her as the ever-grumpy Angela Martin on The Office, but actress Angela Kinsey is totally chill IRL. So, what is her personal mantra to keep calm? "You gotta move it or lose it."

This mantra comes straight from Kinsey's mother, who always encouraged her to keep her body moving. "As I'm getting older, I'm realizing just how important just moving every day is," Kinsey tells Health. "I want to be able to be there for my grandkids and just scoop them up and play games and run around." So Kinsey looks for ways to incorporate small moments of exercise into her life each day.

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Kinsey doesn't consider herself one of those "workout people." The Advil Dual Action spokesperson prefers going on nature walks, dancing, or doing a quick jog, turning to Advil when aches and pains kick in.

"When I'm getting stressed out or worried about something, it's great to take a minute and get out of your head and get back in your body," Kinsey says, recounting the time she went for a run 20 minutes before a talk show appearance to calm herself down. Of course, not everyone has time for a run before a major meeting, but Kinsey says dancing her nerves out is a major help. "It just gets everything back centered," she says.

You can watch the rest of Angela's mantra in the video above.

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