Psychologists say there's one really easy thing you can do to improve your self-esteem.

Credit: Getty Images

The body-positive movement built up some serious momentum in 2015. With a fresh year ahead of us, it's time to take that seed and run with it. Interestingly, psychologists say there's one really easy thing you can do to up the ante on your own self-esteem.

Brace yourself, here it is: Look at yourself naked when you get out of the shower.

Think about itit's probably something you never do. How often do we parade around in our birthday suit once we step out of the shower stall? For most of us, hardly ever. Sure, you can blame that on your attempt to stop shivering by wrapping yourself in a towel, but subconsciously it could be because we just don't want to look.

Psychologists like Sari Shepphird, who also counts herself as a body image expert, feel that the more we avoid looking at ourselves in the flesh, the harder it is to accept and love ourselves for who and what we are.

"We're kind of trained in our society to think about the ways we can improve upon ourselves," Shepphird said in an interview with Yahoo Health. "But the more we focus on our flaws, the more they're magnified, and then we're going to want to avoid looking at our bodies in general."

So, go ahead, drop the towel, take a good long look, and start loving yourself for who you are right now, instead of who you think you ought to be.