7 Celebs Who've Said Goodbye to Breast Implants

These famous women went back under the knife to return to their natural shape.

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Breast implants were once ever-present in Hollywood, and even among non-famous women. Between 2000 and 2006, the procedure's popularity rose by 55%. But after decades of steady growth, the pumped-up breast trend appears to be deflating. What experts refer to as "explant" procedures jumped by nearly 10% from 2010 to 2014 as augmentations fell by about 3%, per data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). Last year, nearly 24,000 women—most between 30 and 54—kissed their fake breasts goodbye, Hollywood's elite included.

Here, seven celebrities who once chose to get plastic surgery share why they went back under the knife to return to their natural look.

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Heather Morris

heather morris
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In 2011, the Glee star revealed to Fitness magazine that she hated her breast implants so much that she'd had surgery to take them out. She said they made working out extremely uncomfortable. "Implants were something I thought I wanted when I was younger, and now I don't," she said. "It was hard being active with them because my chest was always sore. It hurt a lot, and I didn't like always being in pain, so they had to go!"

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Heidi Montag

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Three years after going under the knife for size F implants in 2010, back and neck problems caused Montag to head back to the OR to downsize. The former reality star told US Weekly that she couldn't handle the weight of her implants, which clocked in at about three pounds each. "I couldn't conceptualize the weight of them in my body," the 27-year-old MTV said. "They felt like bowling balls on my chest." The star now proudly sports a more manageable C-cup.

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Pamela Anderson

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In 1999, the Baywatch bombshell decided to nix her big bosom for a more natural look. A plastic surgeon removed Anderson's silicone breast implants and reduced her bra size by a full cup—from 34D to 34C. The reaction that followed was varied. Ripley's Believe It or Not offered to buy the implant to put on display, while friends of Anderson spoke out publicly in support.

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Sharon Osborne

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After returning from a hiatus from her gig as a co-host of The Talk in 2011, Osborne admitted that difficulties with her breast implants were the real reason she took some time off. "One morning I woke up and one of my boobies was kind of much longer than the other," she said on her show. A doctor told her the implant was leaking, and her removal surgery revealed it had actually "leaked into the wall of my stomach." She was thrilled with the results: "I don't feel like I have a water bed laying on my chest anymore," she told her cohosts.

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Jenna Jameson

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After retiring from adult filmmaking, Jenna Jameson downsized her D-cup implants to her natural C-cup. She told US Weekly that her larger breasts made her feel insecure. "When I had implants, I felt uncomfortable," she said. "I would be shy at the beach. I know it sounds funny, but I'd wear high-necked clothes—unless I was at an adult-film convention. So I thought, Why don't I be who I am and get my real ones back?"

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Melissa Gilbert

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On the last day of 2014, the Little House on the Prairie alum shared her decision to remove her breast implants in a blog post, citing concerns about her health and simply not liking "the way they look or feel." She continued, "Frankly, I'd like to be able to take a Zumba class without the fear that I'll end up with two black eyes." Gilbert concluded with an inspirational message about getting older: "Aging is a gift not a curse. Love yourself. You are perfectly beautiful. You are enough."

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Stevie Nicks

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In the early '90s, Nicks speculated that her breast implants, which she received in 1976, were causing fatigue and lethargy. Several doctors told Nicks that surgery to remove her implants would be painful and unnecessary, but the singer decided to go under the knife anyway in 1994. "It turned out they were totally broken," she told People in a 1998 interview. Following the surgery, Nicks restored her health and decided to slim down, losing 30 pounds as the result of a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet.

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