Does your stand-and-deliver stance leave something to be desired? Take a cue from these kitties.

By Barbara Stepko
April 30, 2015

Who’s a cute little boy? Who? Who?

No, seriously. What the heck?

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I’m not a cat person. Those gotta-see YouTube videos of funny felines has never been my thing. Kitty Stuck in Hamster Ball? Eh. Cats Playing Patty Cake. Yawn. Drunk Cat. Ninja Cats. Keyboard Cat? Nothing. Even the frowning-phenomenon that is Grumpy Cat leaves me kind of cold.

But it looks like Standing Cat is the Internet feline to finally do me in. George is an 8-month-old munchkin/exotic shorthair who has a propensity for standing on two legs and stealing hearts.

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His owner Andrew Park, 28, of Austin, Texas, isn't sure why George likes going upright, telling, "He is a cat, so it's difficult to judge his motivations. He kind of just does what he wants. Sometimes it is because he hears something, sometimes he does it to scope out an area and sometimes it just seems like he feels a bit suspicious of his surroundings. It really is hilarious." Park also added—unnecessarily, we might add—that George is a "total sweetheart."

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No big shocker, the ginger-toned tabby—who has drawn comparisons to everyone from Garfield to actor Wilford Brimley, of The Waltons (seriously, what is it with cats and Wilford Brimley??)—is fast becoming a social-media sensation, racking up more than 26,000 Instagram followers. He's also got his own Facebook page and YouTube channel.

But what's even better is that George seems to be one of many Standing Cats. Hilariously, balancing on two tiny hind legs, these cats all have better posture than most people (myself included). Does your stand-and-deliver stance leave something to be desired? Take a cue from these kitties.

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(And yes, that is Taylor Swift's cat, Olivia Benson, captured by her new boo, Calvin Harris.)

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