When it comes to frigid weather, these critters make us humans look like a bunch of wimps. Prepare for your insides to melt when you see these animals react to the snow.
Credit: Hypable.com

The cold just won't quit. Recent forecasts put temperatures this week 10 to 30 degrees below normal everywhere east of the Rockies (except for Florida, of course).

We know. This is awful news. To help you through it, we compiled some highlights from the animal world. These dogs, cats, and more know a thing or two about having fun despite frigid temperatures. Next time you're feeling down about the cold, just try to channel these furry creatures and their excellent winter attitudes.

This adorable Corgi who has an epic belly flop game

These red pandas who react to snow the way we're going to react the first day it hits 60°

This cat who DGAF about snow banks

This baby panda named Bao Bao who's like, 'Yipee!'

This Golden Retriever teaching her pups how to appropriately enjoy a snow day

This polar bear at the Columbus Zoo who's really zen

This cat who's like, 'Forget the snow, this is war.'