A few of our favorite celebs on cultivating self-love.

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A few of our favorite celebs on cultivating self-love.

On passing confidence to the next generation

"I stand in front of the mirror and say to [my daughter] Mia, 'We are so lucky that we've got a shape. We're so lucky we're curvy. We're so lucky that we've got good bums.' And she'll say, 'Mummy, I know. Thank God.'"
—Kate Winslet, on the Today show

On recognizing the beauty in others

"I am comforted by the fact that I find a real range of female bodies beautiful, and I hope that other people do, too."
—Lena Dunham, to Gothamist.com

On appreciating your best features

"My smile [is my favorite part of my body]. I think a smile can make your whole body."
—Serena Williams, to Harper's Bazaar

On remembering what's really important

"I wake up and I want to be a smarter person. That's my focus. That's what I'm encouraging my girls—that if they can make their inside and who they are really, really, stunning, then everything falls together."
—Angelina Jolie, on 60 Minutes

On accepting yourself

"I'm imperfect. The imperfections are there. People are going to see them, but I take the view you only live once."
—Kate Hudson, to The Telegraph