With the help of a headset, you can chat away—without breaking your neck—while you prep dinner, go for a walk, or scroll Twitter (for when you're on hold, of course).
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Who has the luxury of doing one thing at a time any more? The last time you were able to give a phone conversation your complete undivided attention was probably ages ago. Fortunately, with the help of a headset, you can chat away—without breaking your neck—while you prep dinner, go for a walk, or scroll Twitter (for when you're on hold, of course).

Plus, if you're super cautious and you want to separate your head from the radio waves it emits, these are helpful for that, too. (As long as you know the health risks of cell phones are still extremely unclear, and most experts say the effects, if any, are likely negligible.)

All things considered, these headpieces are still pretty nifty. Check 'em out.

So Seamless

The sleek Jawbone ERA ($100, amazon.com) attaches to the natural contour of your ear, providing the ultimate in comfort. For an extra $4, pick up its super cute carrying case ($4, amazon.com)


Pink Noise

Link the Sony Bluetooth Headset ($35, amazon.com) to your smartphone so you can easily take a call from your best gal pal or jam to your favorite tunes; use the bold-colored clip-on remote to adjust the volume.


Rain Dance

Don’t let a downpour prevent you from taking that important call from a potential employer—the BlueAnt PUMP HD Wireless Bluetooth headphones ($130; amazon.com) are water resistant so it’s OK if they get a little wet.


Gold Digger

The Mini503 Universal Stylish Stereo Hi-Fi Bluetooth Headsets with Mic ($16; tmart.com) blocks unnecessary noise to ensure that you can hear all of your friends' dirty little secrets. What’s more, they allow you to stream music wirelessly.


Wild Child

You’ll make a statement when you pull the retro-looking Native Union Leopard Pop Phone Handset ($30; rakuten.com) out of your purse. Plus when this stunner is on display, folks will think twice about interrupting your chat time.