Our favorite feel-good (and do-gooder) stories of the last seven days.

By Lindsey Murray
Updated June 26, 2015
Credit: Getty Images

Love is in the air! Here are our favorite feel-good (and do-gooder) stories of the last seven days.

Watch a deaf man hear his daughter say "I love you" for the first time, thanks to new technology

One man’s dream of hearing his daughter's voice for the first time is finally coming true. D.C. Goutoufas, 47, had been deaf since the age of 4. Now, thanks to a cochlear implant surgery at Tampa General Hospital, Goutoufas's wish has been granted.

The very first words that he heard? “I love you,” out of the mouth of his 17-year-old daughter Olivia, after which she blew a whistle that Goutoufas’s father had left him before passing away.

Goutoufas will continue to work with technicians at Tampa Bay Hearing and Balance Center for up to three years to reach the full listening capabilities of his breakthrough new "bionic ears," Tampa news channel WTNH reports.

Check out the 39 random acts of kindness this sweet dad and daughter duo completed together

This daddy-daughter team decided that the best way to spend their birthdays this year was by giving back—in 39 ways to be exact.

Oxford, England native Lee Beck and his daughter Amelie spent the two weeks surrounding their May birthdays completing one act of kindness for each year they had lived—Amelie was turning 7, and Lee 32. The acts, which Beck shared in a YouTube video last week, ranged from picking up litter in a local park to delivering thank-you cards at nearby fire and police stations.

Beck told ABC News that he hopes the video inspires others to perform even one random act of kindness in their own community. "It has been a very emotional time as we have learned about various causes, and we have a lot of memories to take away from it all. We will certainly be doing some kind acts next year," he told ABC News.

Check out all 39 acts of kindness that Lee and Amelie completed in this video:

This cat took on a black bear, reminding us that believing in yourself is half the battle

Black bears are a pretty usual sight in Anchorage, Alaska, but resident Darlis Elliott had quite the surprise when one ended up on her porch.

Luckily for Elliott, her cat, Nani, made up for in confidence what she lacked in size: One fierce pounce against Elliott’s glass door from Nani sent the bear scurrying away in fear. We could all take a lesson from Nani and the bear's David and Goliath tale, namely that even the small can be strong when the situation calls for it. Plus, it's good to end a long with with a laugh—TGIF!

Watch the hilarious showdown here: