24 Motivational Quotes for Fitness and Weight Loss

Stay motivated with your weight loss plan or workout routine with these 24 popular quotes and sayings.

We all need a little positive reinforcement every now and again.

Whether you're trying to drop a few pounds or looking to train for your first 5K, embrace these 24 motivating health quotes and sayings to keep you on track.

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Love Your Body


Having confidence and positive mental health about your body is a great way to stay motivated about your workout regimen.

So, silence that inner critic and don't be afraid to strut your stuff at the gym.

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From Couch To Comfortable


Begin with simple goals that make you feel good. Start by walking or jogging at a pace that feels comfortable.

There are even apps to help you condition and get from the couch to your first 5K.

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Well-rounded Plan


Eating the right combination of superfoods, such as fresh produce, whole grains, lean protein, and low-fat dairy will give your body the energy it needs, protect you from chronic diseases, and may even whittle your waist.

In addition, giving your fitness routines the time and dedication needed will also help speed your fitness results.

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Beautiful Behind


For those of us who sit at a desk all day, it's important to get up and stay active.

Spice up your glute workout and tone your tush by using props, like a chair, or using your legs and doing kicking movements.

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Challenge Yourself


Doing the same workout or eating the same meal might be convenient, but for the results you want, it's good to spice up your regimen and try different fitness activities, like hula hooping or ballet.

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Give Today Your All


Whether you're trying to lose weight, lower your stress level, or looking for new ways to eat healthily, each day is a new day to tackle your goals.

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Steps To Get Stronger


Your muscles might be shaky, sore, and sensitive today, but tomorrow, they'll be strong, sleek, and slim.

You'll feel great from the inside out!

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Being Toned Is in Style


Being strong doesn't necessarily mean bulky muscles and ripped abs.

Create a tight, toned body by doing "bulk-free" exercises,

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No-regret Workout


No matter how big or small the workout, you'll feel energized, strong, and confident afterward.

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Power of Perspiration


Work up a good sweat doing your favorite workout, whether boxing, running, or strength training.

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Mind Over Matter


Sometimes, your brain can be your own worst enemy. Keep yourself mentally sharp—and encourage yourself to think positive thoughts—by snacking on nuts, adopting a Mediterranean cooking style, and getting plenty of sleep.

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Work up a Sweat


Don't be afraid of a little sweat during your workout.

Be prepared by staying hydrated and choosing the right pre- and post-workout liquids to fuel your body and help your muscles recover, such as water, sports drinks, or chocolate milk.

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Just Go


You don't have to run a sub-two-hour half marathon or do a set of bicep curls in under one minute to be successful and achieve your weight-loss goals.

Do what feels comfortable and natural, and always remember: Slow and steady wins the race!

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Hard Work Pays Off


The key to working out to lose weight is to actually stick to your workout. It's easier to dedicate yourself to a fitness activity when it's something you enjoy. Tone up your way.

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Give It Your All


Embrace your sore muscles! Know that every achy body part is becoming healthier and stronger.

Don't forget to stretch your muscles to help recover and gain more flexibility.

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Work for Excellence


Start exercising slowly at first if you want. The main thing to keep in mind is that you started. Give yourself a gold star and push to do more, day after day.

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Healthy Food, Happy Body


That craving for a bag of Doritos can be satisfied with the click of a vending machine button. But, the feeling after eating them might not be worth it.

Trade in that craving for a delicious fat-burning snack or workout session with your friend for more long-term and healthier results.

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Smart Eating


Fast food and many pre-packaged foods and snacks contain high levels of trans fat, sugar, sodium, and carbs.

Choose whole foods such as fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains, and lean proteins to help lower your fat, sugar, and cholesterol intake.

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Believe In Yourself


Each person has their own time and pace when it comes to working out, losing weight, or adopting healthy cooking styles. That doesn't mean you can't do it, though!

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Win When You Lose


Whether you're on a 1400-calorie diet, doing fat-burning exercises, or working to eat more superfoods, bask in the fact that the more pounds you drop, or areas you tone, the more you're winning!

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Remember Your Goals


We've all had moments of weakness during a workout or while trying to adhere to a healthy meal plan. The trick is to remember those key reasons you started in the first place.

If you're getting fit for your family, or trying to do activities together, make an inspiration board with positive sayings and photos to look at for motivation during weak moments.

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Taking the First Step


Once you take the first step of a workout, the rest just seems to fly by. The first step can even be easy. Begin with a walking program to build endurance, then move to jogging and running.

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No More Mental Games


Your body knows it can do it, but sometimes it takes your brain a little longer to process the information.

Don't let anything or anyone—even yourself—stand between you and your goals.

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Work Hard at Your Dreams


Don't be afraid to shoot for the moon—even if you fail—and tackle your goals.

The feeling you'll get once you accomplish them is so much better than the feeling you'll get letting your dreams pass you by.

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