It's good for the environment and your sex life.
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The Ziggy Menstrual Cup by Intimina is here to improve two of the most important things in this world: the environment and your sex life.

It may not be the first menstrual product on the market to set its sights on mess-free period sex, but unlike its predecessors, the Ziggy Cup is actually reusable. Made of BPA-free, FDA-approved silicone (in a hot pink shade, no less), Ziggy’s flat-fit shape is reminiscent of the single-use Flex menstrual disc that we previously tried out and reviewed. Its rigid double rim is meant to prevent any potential leakage, while the cup portion is both strong and, as the product description puts it, “petal thin.” According to Intimina, the cup can be worn for up to 12 hours at a time and is meant to sit behind the cervix, which means that it can, indeed, be worn during sex. 

Credit: Amazon

While the product description (and many reviewers) tout the Ziggy Cup as a great option for period sex, we decided to tap an OB-GYN to make sure these claims are legit. The bottom line? Yes, it’s safe to use during period sex, but it’s not to be used in place of contraception:

“This silicone reusable cup can be another great option among the many menstrual products that women can choose from,” Jennifer Peng, MD, a physician at Somerset Gynecology & Obstetrics in Troy, Michigan, told Health. “When used properly, women can continue being intimate and not feel restricted by their periods.” However, Dr. Peng made it clear that the Ziggy Cup is not a contraceptive: “The cup is still not a replacement for contraception or prevention of STDs,” she said, “so it’s important to make sure you talk to your gynecologist to make an informed choice that’s going to best fit your lifestyle.” 

Amazon shoppers say they’re thrilled that the Ziggy has both environmental and sex-related benefits. “Finally got to test the cup with my boyfriend and I can't believe it! There were NO LEAKS,” one reviewer wrote. “Not a single one, and I had been wearing the cup all day so it had some blood in it for sure.” In fact, it’s so great at preventing leaks that another reviewer called it “Like the Hoover Dam, but in a good way, and for your cervix, not the Colorado River.”

Some reviewers even found sex to be more pleasurable with the Ziggy Cup involved. “OMG LADIES—it was spectacular,” wrote one reviewer. “It could be my imagination but I honestly think it even IMPROVED my sensation, adding just a bit of extra pressure in the right places.”

Because the Ziggy Cup is shaped differently than your average menstrual cup, it may take some coaxing to position it properly for the first couple wears (it’s meant to be squeezed on the sides and pushed down to lay against your cervix). But according to reviewers, insertion is a breeze after the first few tries. Plus, once it’s up there, they say they hardly notice it.

It should be reiterated that as great as the Ziggy may be, it’s not a form of contraception. Rather, it’s meant to keep your sheets from looking like a crime scene when you want to get it on during your time of the month. You can buy yours, color-coordinating sanitary case included, for just $40 on Amazon.

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