Kayla Farrington

Education: Florida International University
Location: Miami, Florida
Expertise: Healthcare & Wellness, Hair & Skin Care

Kayla Farrington has a deep interest in healthcare and wellness. Since 2022, she has had the opportunity to work for a corporation within the healthcare field where she spends time researching, gathering, analyzing, and developing factual information for projects and business initiatives.

  • Served as a research specialist within the healthcare field
  • Has provided fact-based information to businesses and organizations since 2020
  • Developed and managed small businesses and blogs with the hope of assisting others through various mediums


Kayla Farrington has experience working in several industries to ensure the accuracy and relevancy of information. In 2022, she began working as a researcher in business development within corporate America where she gained advanced expertise in planning, conducting, and analyzing research in the healthcare field through researching and providing detailed reports on healthcare practices, organizations, members, physicians, etc. She has written copy and developed content for several campaigns in the healthcare field.

Kayla began learning Mandarin Chinese in 2016. Through this, she gained the opportunity to work as a project manager for a Taiwanese organization, where she worked in B2B marketing and built relationships with cross-functional partners across geographies. During her tenure with the organization, she provided quality reports for executives and stakeholders on market trends and upcoming projects, while also utilizing her skills in Mandarin Chinese and interpersonal communication to develop mutuality.

In 2020, after her first-year post of college, Kayla started her blog in finance. During this time, she wrote blogs on personal finance hacks for young adults and wrote and designed resumes for both new and experienced professionals actively seeking roles to further flourish within their careers.

Currently, Kayla has been working on her latest project, a hair and skin care business, Duplé Naturals. This business is an herbal and hypoallergenic skin and hair care brand specifically formulated for melanated skin.


Kayla earned her bachelor's degree in Communication Arts - Organizational Communication Studies from Florida International University.

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