Title: Freelance Writer
Education: Chapman University
Location: Bigfork, Montana

Julie Laing has been a writer and editor for more than 25 years and particularly enjoys exploring the intersection of health, movement, and food. She writes about eating well year-round in her Twice as Tasty column for the Flathead Beacon, named after her food blog, as well as writing for other national websites and publications. Julie is also the author of “The Complete Guide to Pickling” and has spent more than two decades editing health-related textbooks and articles.


Julie’s 25-plus years as a writer and editor have taken her around the world, and since 2003, she has freelanced from her home in Bigfork, Montana. Julie is the author of “The Complete Guide to Pickling” (Rockridge Press, 2020), “The Pickled Picnic,” and TwiceAsTasty.com, a food blog focused on eating well year-round. She writes the weekly Twice as Tasty food column for the Flathead Beacon and regularly contributes to websites and publications like The Spruce Eats, Taste of Home, Clean Plates, and Fifth Season. She has also been featured and shared her expertise online and in print, including in The Telegraph, Insider, Cookbook Love Podcast, and “Waggoner Cruising Guide.”

When she’s not playing in the kitchen, you’ll find Julie practicing yoga, skiing, sailing, paddling, hiking, foraging, and gardening. Julie’s experience traveling in remote locations has cemented her appreciation for quality gear that discourages blisters and bruises. After surgery on both feet, Julie has become passionate about yoga, particularly since it helped her return to hiking boots and swing dance shoes.

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