Jenette Restivo

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Title: Editor
Education: Rutgers University, New York University
Expertise: Science, health, wellness, environment, parenting
  • Founder, Childhood by Nature
  • Author of four titles on raising children with nature
  • Former Health Reporter, ABC News
  • Former Health Editor,
  • Producer of series on nursing for Discovery Health Channel


Jenette Restivo is a media professional with a 20-year-career creating content for broadcast, nonprofits, and websites. Jenette started her career in health editing at She reported for the medical unit of ABC News and then became a producer/writer of health, science and other documentaries for television channels such as PBS, the Discovery Channel, and National Geographic, among others.

Jenette has led communications efforts for a healthcare nonprofit called Primary Care Progress as well as headed up content strategy for the Children and Nature Network. She is the founder of Childhood by Nature and the author of four titles on parenting including the recent release, The Nature for Toddlers Activity Book.

I've been working in health reporting for over 20 years and yet I am always learning new and fascinating things.


Jenette has a Bachelor of Science (BS) in biology from Rutgers University and a Master of Arts (MA) in Science, Health, Environmental Reporting Program from New York University.

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