Jaime Lyn Moy

Woman with blonde hair wearing a red sweater. Smiling next to red flowers.
Title: Patient advocate
  • Psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis patient
  • National Psoriasis Foundation volunteer
  • Blogger: A Spot of Hope


At age 4, Jaime’s son was diagnosed with psoriasis. A year later, he was diagnosed with juvenile psoriatic arthritis. In the beginning, his dermatologist asked Jaime, "Who in your family has it?" Jaime was finally able to provide an answer three years later. It was her. At age 28, she broke out with spots on her arms. Six months later, she had pain in her back and knees. While pretty mild for many years, the stress of life finally caught up, and she had a huge flare of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis in 2012.

Both Jaime and her son are managing their diseases. The conditions have never gone into remission, but the mother-son duo are hopeful that one day they will. And they’re still holding out for a cure.

Jaime is actively involved as a volunteer with the National Psoriasis Foundation. She serves as the chairperson for the Youth Advisory Group, a Capitol Hill Day advocate, and a social media volunteer. She was also the recipient of the foundation’s 2017 Outstanding Volunteer Leadership Award.

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