Invisible Illness

Millions of women who look perfectly healthy on the outside are grappling with chronic conditions that make normal life anything but. They have what’s been dubbed an invisible illness, because their struggles go unseen. Here are their stories.

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Post-Concussion Syndrome Makes It Hard for Me to Function—Here's What It's Like

After an accidental hit to the head, Kate Anderson, 37, was diagnosed with a mild traumatic brain injury, which led to post-concussion syndrome. A year later, day-to-day life with this isolating disorder remains a challenge.
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Everyone Thinks I'm the Picture of Health—but Every Day I Struggle With Ulcerative Colitis

After she was diagnosed with this inflammatory bowel disease, Holly Schmidt had to adjust to her new normal of battling an invisible illness. Here's what that means, and what daily life is like.
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What It's Like to Live With Bipolar Disorder—a Mental Health Condition No One Can See

Mackenzie Driscoll, 26, was diagnosed with bipolar disorder 6 years ago. This is how she's learned to manage work, social situations, and daily life with an illness that's not just invisible but also carries a stigma.
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I'm a 22-Year-Old With Fibromyalgia—and Some Days I Wish I Could Detach Myself From My Body

After years of debilitating pain, Bel Banta was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a disorder that's not well understood by doctors. Here, she shares what it's like to be 22 years old and living with episodes of chronic pain few people are aware of.
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How Having a Hysterectomy at 17 Changed My Life

Julie Jacques, 27, underwent a hysterectomy when she was just 17—but her chronic pelvic pain only got worse.
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I Survived Thyroid Cancer—but Dealing With the Side Effects Has Been Harder Than I Ever Imagined

Writer Christine Coppa had her thyroid removed because of cancer. Here, she explains what life is like without this important gland, her struggle with weight gain and mood changes, and what she wants others to know about surviving the big C.
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Coping: Tips From Women Who Know

Millions of Women are Living With 'Invisible Illnesses': Here's What That Means

Millions of women who look perfectly healthy on the outside are grappling with chronic conditions that make “normal” life anything but. This is what it’s really like to have an invisible illness.