You will definitely want to follow this sex-positive Instagram account.

By Evin Billington
December 07, 2017

It may be tiny, but the clitoris is super powerful—it's the sexual pleasure center of the female body, and having it touched and stroked is a non-negotiable part of sex for most women. Too often, however, it gets overlooked. A lot of men (and women!) don't know exactly where it's located on the female body, and not everyone is clued in to its amazing capabilities.

So artist Laura Kingsley decided to give the clitoris the love and respect it deserves. To accomplish this, she's drawing colorful larger-than-life clitorises all over the world.

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Kingsley's Instagram account, perfectly titled Clitorosity, showcases her work. She draws anatomically correct clitorises in chalk on sidewalks across the globe, and they're completely gorgeous. She also snaps the reactions people have when they come across her sidewalk clitorises, which range from confused (a depressing amount of people have no idea what she's drawing), to wild guesses ("Is it an octopus?"), to totally excited. Scroll through to see some examples—and feel the power of this amazing body part.