You shared your best ways to stay healthy for less.

$5: Pedometer
My healthiest bargain was an inexpensive pedometer. It was the easiest way for me to start moving. My goal was to reach 10,000 steps a day. It helped me know when I was being active and when I needed to move more. I started parking further away so I could get in my steps. Soon, I started to lose weight and felt better about doing other exercises in addition to walking.
Stacey Copenhaver; Stevens, Pennsylvania

$30: Dehydrator
My healthiest bargain was to get a dehydrator and make my own fruit roll-ups, dry vegetables and even yogurt. This way I can save a lot (about $200 a year) by dehydrating most everything in my garden and keeping them to throw in soups and stews all year long. I also make beef jerky that costs way less than buying store brands, and I make most of the snack for our snack bags we take on trips. That way, we dont have to buy snacks in gas stations every time we stop. Our beef jerky and fruit roll-ups are requested as Christmas presents every year!
Sandy Wagar; Victoria, Texas

$0: Exercise bike
Someone had her exercise bike outside as junk, so my dad and I stopped and picked it up. Now I work out on it every day, and Im losing weight and have more energy. Im happier and my anxiety isn't as bad. Plus my legs have never looked better. And someone was throwing it away!
Elisha Paul Fredericto; New Brunswick, Canada

$160: Package-deal exercise classes
Im a longstanding client at an exercise studio in the (San Francisco) Bay Area called The Dailey Method. Their one-hour classes combine elements of yoga, ballet barre work, core conditioning, stretching, and orthopedic exercises. Its a killer workout but the best Ive ever done, and its reshaped my body. I purchase a package that gives me 10 classes for $160. It is much less expensive than a gym membership because I am only effectively paying for what I use, and I receive a better workout in a shorter period of time.
Donna Berry; San Francisco, California

$25: Food scale
The healthiest bargain I have ever found was the food scale I purchased at Target for approximately $25. Having a scale totally changed the way I looked at food and portions and played a big part in my weight loss and maintenance. Overall I lost about 20 pounds and having that scale taught me so much about how much I was eating and how distorted my view of portions had become due to eating out.
Linda Abbott; Oxford, Mississippi

A Couple Hundred Bucks: Fencing club membership
My healthiest bargain would have to be my membership to a nearby fencing club. When I heard one was opening up so close I got excited: fencing seemed like such an interesting way to exercise! So I took a few beginning classes and loved it! The physical aspect is not challenging in the beginning, but instead centers on increasing endurance and fast reflexes (which will no doubt help to keep me younger in the years to come). The competition is great as well. Because it is a one-on-one sport, the focus is on individual improvement, and the healthy competition with other regulars at the club keeps me coming back as much as I can. All this for one yearly fee (which includes the lessons and a spot at all the open fencing sessions) of a couple hundred dollars! Im so glad I branched out and tried something new. Who knew I would find a bargain in such an unexpected place?
Alexis Grant; Mendham, New Jersey