This $55 HEPA Air Purifier Gives You Healthier Indoor Air in as Little as 30 Minutes

“My wife and I have it in the bedroom, and we no longer have sinus problems—no congestion or runny noses.”
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If you suffer from allergies, live in an area affected by wildfires, or find that dust and pet dander tends to accumulate rather quickly in your home, you might be in the market for an air purifier. These devices work to filter out indoor pollutants—like volatile organic compounds (VOCs), pollen, and mold—that can affect the air quality in your home, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). So, by bringing one of these healthy devices into your living space, you can quite literally start to breathe easier. While these gadgets can cost a pretty penny, you can definitely find one that doesn't break the bank. Case in point: Toppin's well-rated HEPA Air Purifier ($55, was $80; is currently on sale at Amazon for $25 off its normal price.

When it comes to clean air, you really want to consider investing in a HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filter system. According to the EPA, they remove at least 99.97% of dust, pollen, mold, bacteria found in surrounding air—the usual suspects that are likely to affect your health. Toppin's model features this kind of filter, in addition to a nylon pre-filter and a carbon layer that help to filter out smoke and odors, too. Plus, if you're bad at keeping track of when to swap out your old filter for a new one, Toppin's air purifier automatically detects and reminds you when it's time to service the machine. The air purifier stands just under 15-inches tall and works best in areas up to 215-square feet (like a bedroom or office).

Toppin's model has more than 2,100 five-star ratings, with many reviewers noting how impressed they were with how quickly the device makes a difference in their homes. "I knew this was a good product from the reviews, but was pleasantly surprised when it performed beyond what I had anticipated," wrote one shopper. "After a half hour, the air in my small studio apartment was so much cleaner. I have an apartment that shares a common indoor corridor with my neighbors. Always have to smell their bad cooking odors, cigarette smoke, dirty socks, etc. No more!"

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To buy: Toppin HEPA Air Purifier, $55 (was $80);

Since adding the small air purifier to their space, some customers have even found relief to their chronic health issues. "My wife and I have it on in the bedroom, and we no longer have sinus problems—no congestion or runny noses," reported a customer. "We bought this to help with the problems of smoke from our Colorado forest fires, and it has helped tremendously." 

Another reviewer added that their allergy symptoms virtually disappeared since they started to use the Toppin air purifier: "These are great for allergy sufferers. I was having awful headaches, runny nose, [and] sneezing. A friend suggested a HEPA filter air cleaner. Within three days, my allergies are gone. The price is great, they are quiet, and clean very well—the dust already in the filter is astounding."

The Toppin HEPA air purifier is quiet enough that reviewers can "barely hear it" when they sleep at night, and its intensity can be adjusted between three different levels. Thanks to an on-site coupon, the machine is now just $55—a major steal for an air purifier that reviewers say is "well worth the money." You might even be tempted to snap up one for every room.

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