This Bedroom Humidifier Is Helping People 'Sleep Better Than Ever'—and It's on Sale

Reviewers say you'll see a major difference in just one night.
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Pillows, mattress toppers, and noise machines are all common ways to improve the quality of your nightly snooze. But according to Amazon shoppers, there's an unexpected product that could be the key to giving you the best sleep of your life: a humidifier.

Whether you suffer from snoring, dry sinuses, or allergies, the Toppin Cool Mist Humidifier ($31; is being heralded as the ultimate solution. Its ultrasonic design uses high-frequency vibrations to release water droplets into the air. This allows your bedroom to stay at the 30% to 50% relative humidity recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency. So instead of dry air that irritates nasal passages, you'll get the perfect sleeping environment every night.

And while you might think any humidifier could do the trick, Toppin is a top pick for hundreds of shoppers thanks to its unique sleep mode. The feature turns off the LED light indicators and drops the humidifier into the lowest mist to minimize noise. As a result, shoppers say you "don't even notice that it's on."

The humidifier is also easy to use: Just fill the tank, choose from 3 mist levels, and adjust the 360-degree nozzle towards the center of the room. It will run for up to 24 hours on the lowest or 12 hours on the highest. When the water runs out, the unit automatically turns off. Plus, it's also safe to use with essential oils like soothing lavender or stress-reducing bergamot.

toppin bedroom humidifier
Credit: Amazon

That means you can spend more time focusing on the benefits of using the humidifier like "bouncy skin" and better "air quality," according to shoppers. Of course, the real appeal for hundreds of users is a better night's sleep.

"I sleep better than ever since I started using it," wrote a reviewer, "I no longer wake up in the middle of the night with a dry mouth. This humidifier is the ultimate in simplicity and usefulness."

Another agreed: "I noticed a difference after one sleep. My husband has terrible allergies and he's been sleeping like a dream! I've even noticed: I don't wake up with a sore throat or dry nose. Would definitely recommend this product!"

Better yet, you can score the humidifier adored by 2,800 shoppers for less right now. It's currently on sale for just $31—but you'll have to act fast. We don't know how long this deal will last.

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