The holidays are coming! Eleven months have mostly flown by, and it’s already that time of the year. Food will be filling tables everywhere, and festive drinks will be flowing.

If you’re looking for a simple cocktail to serve to your guests this Thanksgiving, look no further than this Thirsty Thursday idea for Mulled Wine Sangria. It’s a tasty twist on the peachy white sangria of warmer months, and a welcomed twist at that.

Mulling Spice Blend is steeped with sugar and red wine for a combination that smells as good as it tastes. To blends the flavors you’ll warm several ingredients together first, but be sure to cool this cocktail before serving.

The recipe is minimal effort for maximum enjoyment. Before dinner, leave a few pitchers of the sangria out on a tasting table and let guests pour for themselves. The holidays should be less stressful--and tastier--and this is one recipe that can help!

Try this recipe: Mulled Wine Sangria