A look at what Health.com editors are reading this week

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  • Ever feel tipsy after just one glass of wine? How we respond to alcohol may be linked to a certain gene that can even protect against alcoholism, recent research suggests. [AOL Health]
  • You probably already know to add short, quick intervals to your workouts to increase speed and burn more fat. But incorporating a little interval training into your routine may also lead to better sex. [That's Fit Canada]
  • The New York City Marathon is quickly approaching. Want to support your favorite distance runner? Check out these 5 great gifts for marathon runners. [FitSugar]
  • Now is the time to make the best of farmers' markets teeming with fresh fall produce that pack incredible health benefits. But where to begin? Here's an RD-approved shopping list—complete with recipes—for the best in-season fruits and veggies around. [Vital Juice]
  • New hormone research suggests that taking the birth control Pill can increase feelings of jealousy and rage in women. So yes, the Pill really is making you crazy. [Lemondrop]
  • Looks like one weird weight-loss trick isn't so strange after all. A new study says paying with cash instead of a credit card helps you make healthier food choices and limits your impulse chocolate bar buys. [Vitamin G]
  • It is critical for your self-esteem to accept your body as it is. But what happens when you are completely unaware of the health effects of accepting your size? A new study found that many obese people think they are already at a healthy weight. [TIME Healthland]