“They’re like walking on a warm pillow.”

By Braelyn Wood
Updated April 01, 2020
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When most people think of slippers, the first thing that comes to mind is the flimsy terrycloth sliders handed out at hotels, spas, and nail salons. They’re unattractive, uncomfortable, and worst of all, unsupportive. Yet their popularity prevails because people don’t realize a better option exists. Well, allow us to introduce the slipper that officially puts all others to shame: the Tempur-Pedic Kensley Slipper ($60; nordstrom.com).

Unlike their slipper predecessors–which fail to take into account the foot pain that nearly 8 out of 10 Americans experience—this pair is optimized for heel-to-toe support. The slip-on style achieves this through a plush, cushioned footbed made with Tempur-Pedic’s signature memory foam. Crafted with NASA-patented technology, it conforms to your foot’s shape to alleviate pressure and prevent aches and pains. 

Beyond providing support for arches and weak ankles (as multiple reviewers can attest), the slippers are also optimized for comfort. The interior is lined with a super soft textile that works with the memory foam to maintain the perfect temperature, so you won’t have to worry about overheating. In fact, a reviewer said the slip-ons are so comfy, they don’t want to take them off when they leave the house.

But thanks to a durable outsole with plenty of tread, you don’t have to. While the outsole is key to preventing slips and falls on slick floors indoors, it also means plenty of reviewers feel comfortable wearing them to pick up the mail or take a quick stroll through the neighborhood. Just keep in mind that once the shoes go outdoors, you’ll have to clean them by hand because they’re not machine-washable—this method of cleaning would break down the foam. 

To top it off, they’re actually stylish, too. Similar in silhouette to the celebrity-loved croquette Uggs, they have a suede upper with a plush faux-fur collar that traps body heat to keep your feet cozy and warm on even the dreariest spring mornings. Plus, they come in 3 neutral colorways that you’ll feel comfortable pairing with any work from home look.

Credit: Nordstrom.com

With so many standout features, it’s no surprise they’ve also garnered plenty of 5-star reviews from shoppers at Nordstrom and Zappos who say they feel  like “walking on a cloud.” Not only do reviewers say they surpass other slippers they’ve tried—including pricier options—but some people loved them so much they splurged on two or three pairs. Not that you’ll need multiples, since the style is made to last for years before requiring a replacement. 

Among the rave reviews, one owner of the slippers summed it up perfectly: “If you need a supportive and comfortable slipper, this is it! I love these slippers. They’re like walking on a warm pillow. I literally look forward to putting them on in the morning.”

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