This Small Cool Mist Humidifier Has Over 7,200 Perfect Ratings—and It's on Sale

It’s the perfect size for a nightstand.
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Dry winter air can make the cold season even harder, causing everything from skin issues to seemingly unbeatable congestion. If you struggle with these symptoms, however, there's a simple way you can breathe easier at home: Invest in a humidifier.

When you increase the humidity of the air in your space, you can soothe dry nasal and sinus passages, help your skin retain moisture, and even get better sleep, Clifford W. Bassett, MD, medical director of Allergy and Asthma Care of New York, previously explained to Health. It's astonishing what a big difference such a small device can make in your home—and it doesn't have to come at a high cost, either. In fact, over 7,200 Amazon shoppers have given  TaoTronics's Cool Mist Humidifier ($34, was $38; a 5-star rating, and it's currently on sale for just $34.

Standing just under 10 inches tall, with a diameter just over 8 inches at its widest point, TaoTronics's humidifier has a sleek design that makes it the perfect size for smaller surface areas, like a nightstand or desk. It features a nozzle that can be rotated 360 degrees, so you can direct its stream of mist, as well as an easy-to-use knob control to adjust the power it's operating at.

And while the device costs less than $50, reviewers have raved about its effectiveness, saying that it has a "high-quality mist output" and that it creates "little to no noise." The benefits they've seen from using the device are also considerable. "We moved from the coast to a dryer climate and the change was causing chapped lips and dry skin," wrote one shopper. "It's small but powerful and I wake up with my skin feeling soft and refreshed."

Another 5-star reviewer added: "This humidifier was purchased to help with my dry-nose problems in the winter. The air in my area gets pretty dry so I wake up constantly with nosebleeds and I used to get sick pretty frequently. When I had this humidifier powered on, I started sleeping better and waking up feeling well-rested."

The brand recommends using distilled water in the humidifier, and depending on the power level you set it at, it can go anywhere from 8 to 20 hours without being refilled. 

Credit: Amazon

Normally $38, TaoTronics's cool mist humidifier is currently $34, thanks to an Amazon coupon. If you're looking for a deal that will help you breathe a little easier all throughout the season, this is one to hop on. 

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