Sutton Foster's Idea of Self-Care Happens in Her Kitchen—And It's So Relatable

Actress Sutton Foster has diversified her cooking skills in the kitchen she loves in her lake house outside New York City. Watch the video here.

Welcome to Oasis Spaces, a Health video series where inspiring people share an area in their home that brings them peace and positivity. Watch Sutton Foster's Oasis Space tour above!

Actress Sutton Foster, known for her Broadway roles and on TV's Younger, has used social distancing as an excuse to spend tons of time in her kitchen, her favorite room in her family's lake home outside New York City.

"Before the pandemic, I could make like seven things. Now I can make 50 things," she tells Health. "Learning new skills—it's been very, very cool."

Foster, who has partnered with Lactaid which is 100% real milk, just without the lactose, says that he favorite thing about her kitchen is its accessibility. "What I love about it is that it's a super open floorplan [and] a pretty large kitchen," she says.

The kitchen area of her home extends out to her long wood dining table and living room, which makes it easy for the entire family to hang out together while cooking a meal. "Everyone can sit and be together—or, at least, the people we've been quaran-teaming with can," she jokes.

The bright, homey space makes it easy to enjoy family time. "My kitchen is incredibly important to me because I spend a lot of time here, especially during the pandemic where I'm doing a lot of cooking at home," she explains. "I also cook a lot with my daughter. We bake together and cook and do all sorts of things."

Kitchen time means so much to Foster that she's come to think of it as a necessity to help calm and soothe her, especially with the pandemic still continuing. "Being in the kitchen is a form of self-care, even though it sometimes feels like an obligation," she says.

Watch the video above to find out more about Foster's kitchen, and why it's her go-to place in her home.

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