Credit: Istockphoto

IstockphotoThe hardest part of organizing your closet is choosing what to get rid of. Thats why we asked celebrity stylist Erin Turon to give us some pointers. (Feel-good bonus: donate anything you dont need to charity.)

What should stay
The LBD. A great black dress never goes out of style, so as long as yours is in good shape, its a keeper.

Classic dress pants. You should have a go-to, fitted, dark pair that isnt trendy (no flares or slits) and doesnt show age (faded color or torn hems).

Trench coat. Its a classic style that goes easily from night to day. Dont worry if you lost a button—its worth the repair to keep this in your closet.

What should go
Things you havent worn in two years. If you cant remember the last time you wore it, youre not going to wear it again. Toss it and dont look back.

That super-trendy dress from five years ago. Yes, it might come back in style in 30 years, but by then youll have a fabulous new wardrobe.

Old bridesmaid dresses. No matter what you say, you will never, ever wear them again.

Damaged goods. We all have disintegrating loungewear and moth-eaten sweaters. If anything is past the point of repair, let it go.