This Hand Sanitizer Spray Machine Is One of Oprah's Favorite Things From Amazon

And it’s only $64.
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It's been nearly two years since we all started getting much more serious about how clean our hands are. We learned just how long it takes to thoroughly wash them up and wished we invested in hand sanitizer brands after learning that yes, they really do work. So it's no surprise that a hand sanitizer spray machine made Oprah's Favorite Things list, her annual roundup of the most giftable products on the market. 

The "little wonder," as Oprah refers to it, is the SnappyScreen Touchless Mist Sanitizer, a spray machine that dispenses clouds of hand sanitizer mist to make cleaning your hands a hands-free task. The mister comes with the machine itself (a sleek 5-square-inch device that blends in discreetly thanks to its white design), a scent cartridge of your choosing that can dispense up to 3,000 sanitizing sprays, and a USB charging cord that gives the mister up to 12 hours of battery life on a full charge. 

The scents are SnappyScreen's "Signature Scent," which has notes of eucalyptus and mint; another called "Escape to the Sea" that smells like coconut and sea salt; "Rooftop Garden Champagne," an aroma of white champagne flowers, orange peel, and berries; and "Day at the Spa" a calming combination of cucumber, honey, and "aromatherapies." SnappyScreen's sanitizers are also mixed with a blend of aloe vera, vitamin E, and a glycerine for hydration, which combats the harsh drying effects of other alcohol-based sanitizers.

Oprah says the mister caught her eye thanks to its "touchless motion-sensing technology," which "delivers a moisturizing mist of protection in one of four scents—and it looks way cooler than anything else I've seen."

SnappyScreen's sanitizer itself contains 75% alcohol—the appropriate amount, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The agency recommends using a sanitizing formula with 60% to 95% alcohol concentration to make sure you're actually cleaning your hands. This high concentration is important because the alcohol in any given sanitizer acts as a "denaturing agent" that kills or inactivates viruses, as Pritish K. Tosh, MD, a Mayo Clinic infectious disease physician and researcher, previously told Health

Give the gift of clean hands and high tech with the SnappyScreen Touchless Mist Sanitizer this holiday season, or pick one up for yourself at Amazon for an easy, hands-free experience.

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