Safe Step Walk-In Tub Review

Key takeaways

  • One of the best warranties on the market
  • Fits into a standard tub space, with the ability to customize the size
  • Spa-like features include hydro jets and aromatherapy
  • Variety of safety features come standard on every walk-in tub
  • Installation provided by Safe Step
  • Three models, including the standard walk-in tub, a hybrid walk-in tub and shower, and a walk-in shower

Climbing in and out of the bathtub shouldn't be something you fear, especially if you have mobility issues. The good news? Walk-in tubs, like those from Safe Step, provide safety, security, and comfort for all ages and stages of life.

And whether you're an older adult looking for a way to make bathing at home a safer and more pleasurable experience or you use a wheelchair or other assistive devices like a cane or walker to help with limited mobility, you may prefer a walk-in tub to help manage your health and hygiene, reduce falls, and improve your overall quality of life.

If you have balance issues, experience lightheadedness from a medical condition like low blood pressure, or deal with vertigo, swapping out a traditional bathtub or shower for a walk-in tub also lowers the risk of bathroom injury and helps you maintain independence.

These uniquely designed and often custom-made tubs typically have a lower walk-in threshold, a wider opening for entering the tub, an easy-to-close watertight door, a safety seat, and grab bars. They're also loaded with spa-like features such as hydro jets and aromatherapy to make your bathing experience one you'll want to enjoy daily. Health editors took a deep-dive into Safe Step walk-in tubs to provide you with information about different models, cost, installation, features, safety, customer service, warranties, and Safe Step reviews, so you know the ins and outs when making a decision.

Safe Step walk-in tub pros and cons


  • Safe Step walk-in tubs come with a variety of safety and therapeutic features.
  • The company offers a hybrid walk-in tub and shower combo.
  • Safe Step has a walk-in shower with a medical-grade safety seat.
  • It has one of the best warranties in the industry with a lifetime warranty on the tub, the tub's door seal and faucets, water pumps, blowers, and heaters.
  • The walk-in tubs are made in the USA.
  • The bathtubs include spa-like features like hydro jets, aromatherapy, heated seat and back, and chromotherapy.
  • The tubs have ADA-approved safety features like grab bars, seat height, and anti-scald technology.


  • No price quotes or cost ranges are available online.
  • The call center does not give information about prices.
  • In-home appointments are required for specific information.
  • The warranty is assigned to the original purchaser, not the walk-in tub.
  • You can't see a product in-person before purchasing it.
  • The door only swings inward, which makes getting into the tub challenging if you're in a wheelchair.
  • There aren't as many hydro jets as the competitors.

Key features of Safe Step walk-in tubs

Features that come standard in every walk-in tub include:

  • Anti-slip textured acrylic surface on the floor and seat
  • Low 4-inch threshold for easy step-in
  • Two built-in grab bars
  • Sanitation ozone purification system that ensures circulation of clean water
  • 10 hydro jets with adjustable speeds and intensity
  • Chromotherapy—multicolored lights for relaxation
  • Inward opening right- or left-hand door
  • Heated seat and back
  • Fully adjustable handheld shower wand
  • Rapid-fill faucet and drain system
  • Fits into a standard tub space
  • ADA-compliant rapid-fill faucet that fills up to 20% faster
  • Built-in towel bar on the door
  • Floating remote control
  • No-strength locking handle for easier door operation
  • Aluminum frame and mold-resistant gel coat

How to purchase a Safe Step walk-in tub

Safe Step is not sold in stores. To purchase one of the company's walk-in tubs, you need to contact the customer service department. A representative will take your information and assist with scheduling an appointment for an in-home consultation and estimate.

A representative will come to your home and conduct an evaluation and consultation. You will work with the consultant to choose the size and features for your walk-in tub. Once this is determined, the consultant will provide you with an estimated cost that includes installation.

Installation of a Safe Step walk-in tub

Every Safe Step walk-in tub is installed by one of its experts. You can expect installation to take one to two days. Included in the cost is the removal and disposal of your existing tub. Before leaving, the installer will clean the bathroom and any other areas of the home that were used during the process.

Safe Step guarantees the work of the installer, and installers are members of the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAMPO) and National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

Safe Step tub models

Safe Step offers two walk-in tub models to choose from and one walk-in shower.

Safe Step walk-in tub

The most popular Safe Step model is the walk-in tub. Designed to make getting in and out of the tub easier and safer, the walk-in bathtub is a great starter tub for many people.

  • This model comes with all of the standard safety and therapeutic features listed above.
  • Safe Step recently upgraded its rapid-fill faucet, which now fills up to 20% faster.
  • You get to enjoy a warmer bath without waiting for the basin to fill.
  • Drains 38% faster than previous models.

Safe Step hybrid tub

If showering is a must-have feature, then the Safe Step Hybrid tub is worth considering. This tub and shower combo gives you the best of both worlds. Here are some of the reasons to consider the Hybrid model:

  • All of the safety, therapeutic, and comfort features come standard with this model
  • Dual shower heads
  • Handheld easy-grip shower head
  • Magnetically sealing shower curtain with rod

Safe Step walk-in shower

The Safe Step walk-in shower is ideal for someone who wants the safety of entry and exit but not the option to fill a basin with water. Some of the key features of the Safe Step walk-in shower include:

  • Barrier-free base available for wheelchair access
  • Adjustable handheld shower wand with three spray patterns
  • 8-inch rain shower head
  • Shower caddy with three shelves
  • Option to add a sliding bypass glass door
  • Tile composite wall
  • Fits into space of existing tub or shower

Cost and payment options

Installation costs are included in the Safe Step walk-in tub price. That's why the company offers a no-cost, no-obligation visit by the Safety Specialist to look at the area you are considering for the tub.

The Safe Step walk-in tub price is lower than average, according to the website. If you find a lower price, the company will refund the difference plus $100 within 30 days of the written agreement. This is based on equal quality of material, features, workmanship, warranty, country of origin, liability insurance, contractor reliability, and other specifications. And, of course, certain conditions apply, but the company does not list them.

Safe Step advertises financing plans for individuals with approved credit. It also offers discounts for certain populations like veterans and seniors, but you need to call for more information.

The Helping Hands Rebate allows for $750 off per person for your walk-in tub or shower. This rebate applies to specific health conditions like arthritis, nerve problems, diabetes, and sciatica, but it's not a guarantee. The company will determine if you are eligible.

Does Medicare cover walk-in tubs?

Original Medicare Part A or Part B does not cover the Safe Step walk-in tub cost. However, if you have Medicare Advantage, also known as Medicare Part C, consider asking about supplemental benefits.

Safe Step warranty

Safe Step does offer an excellent warranty. This includes a lifetime warranty on the tub, door seal, faucets, water pumps, heaters, blowers, and parts and labor.

However, some restrictions do apply, so make sure to ask about the warranty during the in-home consultation. Plus, the warranty is assigned to the original purchaser, not the walk-in tub. So, if you buy it used or move into a home with one installed, the warranty may be voided. Do not sign or pay for anything until you have a copy of the coverage.

Safe Step customer service

You have a few choices for contacting the customer service department. You can chat with an agent via the live chat box or contact the call center. Most people found the call center did not provide much helpful information, however.

There is also an information text box to share your contact information for a "free quote." Ironically, you still need to schedule an appointment for someone to come to your house. Every form of inquiry on the site directs you to make an appointment.

Safe Step walk-in tub reviews

The reviews on the SafeStep walk-in tubs are mixed. Several customers have shared frustrations around support, sales, installation, and quality of the tub after installation. There are multiple poor reviews detailing terrible experiences and lack of trust when contacting customer service and dealing with a salesperson. Some customers also say they received several unsolicited phone calls after making initial contact.

However, some customers are quite pleased with the process and product. One happy owner raved about the quick installation process and quality of the features, while another expressed gratitude for the polite and helpful attitude of the customer service representative.

TrustPilot gave Safe Step a poor designation based on the 392 reviews, which resulted in a 2.7 out of 5 stars. Overall, the negative reviews often outweigh the positive ones, so make sure to do your research before calling for an estimate. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) reports 126 complaints. They're worth checking out since the company has a chance to respond to the complaint.

Bottom line

Safe Step is one of the more recognized companies in the walk-in bathtub industry. Since it only focuses on three models—walk-in tub, hybrid walk-in tub/shower, and walk-in shower—Safe Step can customize the product to fit your needs. Plus, each product comes with a lifetime guarantee, with some restrictions, of course.

Overall, the company hits the mark on the most critical features, including safety and therapeutic features. Because Safe Step walk-in tubs are made from aluminum, it does rank lower than more high-end products made of steel. The brand also falls short in the customer service department. The arduous process required to get price information is something to consider before going with this company.

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