Omigo Toilet Bidet Seats and Attachments: Reviews and Costs

The pros and cons of the Omigo toilet bidet seats and attachments.

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Key Takeaways

  • Bidets include bidet toilet seats and bidet attachments.
  • Bidet toilet seats tend to cost more and offer more features than attachments, such as heated water and deodorizing capabilities.
  • Omigo makes self-cleaning toilet seats as well as bidet attachments, so you can buy a bidet at lower price points.
  • The Omigo toilet seat and bidet attachments are relatively easy to install.

Using a bidet may seem a little strange if you've never used one. But considering the great toilet paper shortage of 2020, more people are considering buying a bidet toilet seat. The Omigo toilet seat and Omigo bidet attachment are popular contenders for those who seek a better down-there clean.

Why are so many people fawning over the Omigo bidet products? Our Health editors set out to learn more so you can decide if you should invest in a bidet toilet seat or bidet attachment.

Bidets are toilet seats that spray water up from the toilet to clean you after going to the bathroom. They haven't quite taken off in the United States, but they are popular in countries such as Japan, Italy, France, and Spain. That said, you may be seeing more of them post-pandemic. They offer an eco-friendly way to get clean without having to rely on toilet paper. (Though it's still a good idea to have some TP on hand, even if you use a bidet.)

Bidet Seat or Bidet Attachment?

Before you choose a bidet, you should know that there are two kinds: bidet attachments and bidet seats. Omigo makes both, so you can find a bidet that fits your budget. Obviously, the more you spend, the more bells and whistles it includes. Bidet attachments do not require you to plug them in, but some do attach to your hot water source.

These are a slew of different products so you can customize the features you need. If you want a bidet that gives you temperature, pressure, and position options, you may want to opt for the full bidet seat. If you're going basic, you may like the bidet attachment more.

Pros and Cons

The Omigo toilet seat and bidet attachments have several perks, such as:

  • Units that do not need electricity
  • Warm and cold water options
  • Tankless water heater, enabling a pre-set water temperature at first contact
  • Several settings for pressure, spray angle, position, and width
  • Sensor that can determine if you're seated before the water is released
  • Self-cleaning toilet seat capabilities
  • Soft-close lid, night-light, heated seat, dryer, and deodorizing feature options

These are a few downsides of an Omigo bidet or bidet attachment:

  • The power cord may be too short for larger bathrooms
  • Some reviewers said the seat was thicker than other bidets
  • The seat may not be as comfortable compared to other bidets

What to Know Before You Buy a Bidet

When shopping for a bidet, there are a few things to keep in mind. In addition to factors associated with the wash itself—such as water temperature, pressure and position controls—cost plays a role for many people.

How much does it cost?

If you want to try a bidet but not blow the bank, you may opt for the bidet attachments rather than the bidet seat. These products fit right under an existing toilet seat. You won't need to run electricity on the attachments, but you will not receive all the extras, such as the heated seat, wireless remote, and drying options. If you want customized cleaning options and drying capabilities, opt for the bidet seat.

When it comes to cost, you may want to calculate the fees linked to purchasing the device and compare that to toilet paper versus water consumption. In general, you won't be using as much toilet paper with a bidet, but you will use additional water.

How difficult is it to install a bidet seat or attachment?

The logistics of installing a bidet is another factor to consider if you're bidet shopping. If you have to hire a plumber to install the product, for instance, you'll wind up paying more than the cost of the equipment. You won't need to pay a plumber to install your Omigo product, whether you opt for the seat or the attachment. You'll find plenty of helpful how-to videos on Omigo's website, and you can install your bidet seat or attachment in 20 minutes or less.

Will a bidet work in my bathroom?

Pay attention to your bathroom space when considering which bidet to purchase. If you choose a bidet that requires electricity and your bathroom does not have a plug nearby, you could be footing the bill for an electrician to add an outlet or you may have to use an extension cord. The Bidet Element or Element+, which are the Omigo toilet seat attachments, don't require electricity.

Do I need to clean my bidet?

Additionally, you may want to think about cleaning the bidet. Self-cleaning toilet seats may have you cleaning your toilet much less frequently, but you will still have to clean it.

What features do I want?

Another thing to consider is whether the unit has other perks such as a separate front-washing feature, a heated seat, lighting, remote control, specific user settings, and deodorizing capabilities.

Pay attention to whether or not the unit has a seat contact safety sensor or your bathroom could get wet—especially when you have guests who want to "try it out" but have no clue how bidets work. The sensor can ensure that water only sprays when someone is on the seat.

Here are a few features that make Omigo bidets a popular choice:

  • Bidet seat and bidet attachment options
  • Costs ranging from $79 to $649
  • Seven nozzle positions, three spray widths, and three pressure options—with oscillation—on seat options
  • Various temperature settings
  • Elongated and round shapes to fit your existing toilet
  • Bidet attachments install easily under your existing toilet seat in about a half hour
  • One or three-year warranty, depending on the model
  • 90-day free exchange
  • Free shipping
  • All parts including
  • Financing available

Omigo Models

Omigo offers five products—three bidet seats and two bidet attachments.

  • Omigo: The high-end Omigo bidet with a heated seat, night-light, oscillating sprays, wireless remote, deodorizer, three-year warranty, and built-in air dry for $649
  • OmigoSL: Rear and front wash, self-cleaning system, heated seat, wireless remote, and eco mode for $449
  • OmigoGS: Warm rear and front washes, heated seat, night-light, and eco mode for $329
  • Element+: A bidet toilet attachment with hot and cold water; no electricity needed to operate for $99
  • Element: A bidet toilet attachment only offering cold water; no electricity needed to operate for $79

Cost and Payment Options

One great thing about Omigo is that it offers self-cleaning toilet seats and bidet attachments at a variety of price points. There are often discounts on the products directly from the Omigo website. Additionally, financing is available—so even if you want that gold-standard Omigo bidet but don't want to splurge, you can probably afford it if you opt for monthly payments.

These are the standard prices of the Omigo products:

Customer Service and Satisfaction

According to several online reviews, the installation is easy, it delivers a luxury experience, and the customer service is quite responsive.

Should You Buy an Omigo Bidet?

Overall, Omigo has remained a solid choice in the bidet market. The company has several products to meet various budgets, and most reviews reflect that customers have had positive experiences with the products.

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