It feels like "sleeping on a cloud."

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Night sweats, or excessive perspiration while you’re sleeping, don’t often signify a serious medical condition—but they can be uncomfortable and awkward, especially when you wake up and notice your pajamas and sheets are soaked in sweat. Whether you’ve always been a hot sleeper or are dealing with night sweats for the first time because of menopause (dang hormones!) or certain medications, they’re still just as bothersome—and they can even affect the quality of your sleep. Regardless of the cause, the best course of action is to optimize your sleeping environment so you can stay as cool as possible throughout the night. (Of course, if your night sweats become particularly bothersome or severe, be sure to contact your medical provider.)

One simple way to cool yourself down at night is to invest in a cooling cotton mattress pad, like this one from Oaskys that more than 2,000 Amazon customers love. Made of 100 percent pure cotton, the breathable topper ditches goose feathers—which can trigger allergies in some—but still feels super soft, cozy, and lightweight. Even customers who’ve tried other mattress toppers raved about this highly-rated option.

Thanks to its cool cotton squares, one customer—who called it “soft and fluffy”—said it feels like “sleeping on a cloud.” Another shopper added: “It’s soft, adds a luxury feeling to my bed, and stays cool all night as promised.”


Some even say the cooling addition to their bed helps them sleep better. Just take it from this reviewer, who braves the South Florida heat: “Our bed is cooler with the mattress topper than it was before and our overall sleep has improved significantly. I LOVE this mattress topper, and would recommend it to anyone.”

This particular pad seems to be a popular choice among those who own memory foam mattresses and want to cool them down a bit: “I bought this [topper] to see if I slept less ‘hot’ on my memory foam. I do! This did the trick!” said another customer.

At just under 6 pounds, the affordable topper comes in a vacuum-sealed bag (spread it out for a few days to let it plump up before washing and spreading on your bed) and is available in twin through king sizes to fit a variety of mattresses. In addition to giving you an extra layer of plush softness under your sheets, it’s also sturdy (meaning it won’t move around or slide off the mattress itself while you’re snoozing) and machine-washable. A few reviewers mentioned that the quality and texture of the topper was not affected in the least bit after machine-washing and tumble-drying it.

Nothing beats a great night of sleep, so if you’re looking for a simple, cozy  addition to your bedding that’ll keep your body temperature cool and improve the quality of your shuteye, we have a feeling this will become your new go-to for catching dream-level zzz’s. Nighty night.

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