Most Comfortable Office Chairs

The 8 Best Comfortable Office Chairs You Need While Working From Home

These ergonomic chairs start at just $55, and they’re all on Amazon.
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If you're one of the millions who started working from home during the pandemic, you're probably aware of its pros and back-aching cons. Getting your home office set up with a desk and the right devices is just part of the job: Experts say that when it comes to your back, nothing is more important than the office chair you choose. 

Think about it: You're working for about eight hours a day, maybe more. And if you're spending all that time in a pain-inducing chair, you're not only doing damage to your body, you're also losing productivity, Dr. Rahul Shah, MD, a board-certified orthopedic spine and neck surgeon, tells Health. "In general, when one has to spend extra energy to hold the head, arms, or rest of the body in a particular position, the muscles in the back and neck will fatigue over time," Shah says.

And all that extra workload will catch up with you. When the back and neck muscles pick up the slack due to an unsupportive office chair, Shah says they are more likely to get injured. "This injury can initially manifest as a 'crick' in the neck, or stiff neck or low back," he explains. That's where a comfortable office chair—one that supports the curves of your spine and promotes good posture—comes in.

What makes a comfortable office chair?

There are too many comfortable office chairs available to buy on the internet to count, and which one is considered "the best" varies by person. Shah mentions that there are no overarching guidelines in terms of comfort for every single person because it is subjective and dependent on how they like to sit during work. However, Shah says everyone should look for the same few things in a capable office chair to help maintain a healthy sitting position. Opt for an office chair that has:

  • Adjustable height and back angles that allows you to customize your chair to your sitting preference. A good office chair will prop you up into a "task" position to naturally keep your posture upright and prevent slouching or hunched shoulders. 
  • Accommodating cushioning to evenly distribute your body weight and relieve pressure on your joints. A soft yet supportive cushion will help correct poor posture (and feel nice on the tush).

Not sure where to start? With the above features in mind, we compiled a list of comfortable chairs that real shoppers use and love. And bonus, they're all available on Amazon. Whether you've recently developed lower back pain or you're planning to work from home for the long run, you're going to want to sit on something that supports you 24/7—not just from 9 to 5. 

Here are the most comfortable office chairs of 2021:

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Credit: Amazon

Best Overall: Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair

To buy: $140;

Ergonomic design and lumbar support go hand in hand in this office chair that has nearly 2,000 five-star ratings on Amazon. It's beautifully sleek and has expert-approved features, like a curved back, arm rests, and adjustable height. It also has a rocker option that takes it from an upright to a more relaxed position—ideal for quick work breaks. Shoppers especially like the accommodating lumbar support design that can be moved up to 5 inches to cradle your lower back.

Credit: Amazon

Best Value: FDW Home Office Chair

To buy: $55;

Whoever said a comfortable office chair has to be expensive never saw this option. It has a breathable mesh backrest that contours to your body to alleviate the type of pressure that can cause muscle fatigue. It also has plastic panels on each side of the chair's backrest for additional lumbar support that Amazon shoppers say makes "all the difference." Plus, with a rocking mode option and a 3-inch adjustable height, anyone can find their ideal position in relation to their work surface. It's so popular among reviewers that it has over 4,800 five-star ratings. And at $55, it just can't be beat.

Credit: Amazon

Best Ergonomic: Steelcase Leap Fabric Office Chair

To buy: $850;

Steelcase is one of the top furniture brands on the market specializing in chairs that promote a healthy seated position. The deeply curved backrest of its Leap office chair does wonders to support the spine's natural S-shape, plus it has a lever to adjust the chair's height. And unlike other chairs on this list, the Steelcase chair can recline and stay in place with five back stop settings, which is a feature Shah recommends. One reviewer who calls it the "best desk chair I've ever used" says they no longer feel back pain at the end of the day. "The adjustments are really where it shines," adds another.

Credit: Amazon

Best Padded: Laura Davidson Soho Soft Pad Office Chair

To buy: $300;

Comfort is the number one priority when shopping for an office chair. But it's great when the chair looks stylish too! Laura Davidson's line of good-looking office chairs, including the Soho soft pad management chair shown here, offers a ton of support. It has a faux leather design and a sturdy chrome steel finish that'll upgrade your desk setup. The soft leatherette task chair has two cushioned pillows on the backrest and a large foam cushion on the seat for your bum. It comes in 10 colors and can hold up to 400 pounds. Shoppers love it so much, they compare it to that popular (and expensive) Herman Miller office chair.

Credit: Amazon

Best Seat Cushion: Rimiking Armless Office Chair

To buy: $99 (was $110);

If you're looking for a chair specifically to take pressure off of your joints, pay attention to the seat cushion. This Rimiking armless office chair has a great one: It has a thick base and is made of super soft foam that contours to your buttocks and helps even out your body's weight, so one side isn't doing all the heavy lifting. A seat cushion like this also prompts you to sit upright and practice good spinal alignment. We'd also like to note that this chair is gorgeous, with its twill design and pretty color choices. "This chair is exactly what I needed! Very comfortable, super easy to put together, lower back support, and at the end of the day my body doesn't hurt," confirmed a shopper.

Credit: Amazon

Best Executive: Glitzhome High-Back Executive Office Chair

To buy: $272;

Executive office chairs tend to be ultra-plush, not to mention fancy looking, but many lack the support your back needs for long days at the (home) office. This office chair by Glitzhome has a boss-like appearance and delivers lumbar support with extra padding in the lower back area, which Amazon shoppers appreciate. It also has adjustable height and recline features with a lock stopper, so you're not constantly rocking. And when you want a little catnap, you'll appreciate the cushioned headrest.

Credit: Amazon

Best Big and Tall: Serta Big & Tall Office Chair

To buy: $196 (was $309);

Those with a larger build may find it difficult to land on a chair that supports their body without losing its shape. The big and tall office chair style is specifically designed with these issues in mind, and this option is from a popular mattress brand, which would know a thing or two about comfort. With a 28-inch back height and a 22-inch seat cushion, this Serta chair can accommodate a person up to 350 pounds. It also has thick cushioned pillows from the headrest to the seat that reviewers say makes for a comfortable work experience.

Credit: Amazon

Best with Headrest: Gabrylly High Back Office Chair

To buy: $290 (was $330);

Ever notice that you lean closer and closer to the monitor as you're working? It happens, but should be prevented when possible because leaning in too much means you're not practicing a good seated posture. The Gabrylly high back chair can keep your spinal alignment in check. While it has adjustable height and armrest features, what sets it apart is its headrest that supports your neck and keeps your head upright. It also subconsciously reminds you to sit up straight—a sensation you'll quickly realize when your head is no longer touching the headrest and inching toward your screen. It's why Amazon shoppers call the comfortable mesh headrest their "favorite feature."

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