Updated: December 08, 2016

  • We can’t think of any good reason why mosquitoes exist—except maybe to be some other critters' lunch. But in a recent study from the Netherlands, researchers used the pesky bugs as flying vaccination needles to see if the bites could give volunteers immunity from malaria. [MSN]

  • Sometimes we’re not sure if eye-grabbing health-news headlines are meant to help us or terrify us. Bras can cause cancer? Sugar is as addictive as cocaine? Here’s the science behind these health headline myths. [Popular Science]

  • We live in such a fast-paced world that we look like slackers if we’re only doing one thing at a time. But new research shows that not only is all our multitasking actually making us less efficient, it’s also wrecking havoc on our brains, causing a slew of complaints, from added stress to learning problems. [Daily Mail]

  • Drinking tap water is easy on the wallet and good for Mother Nature—compared to buying bottled H2O—but it isn't always the healthiest, right? Not necessarily. Bottling companies aren’t held up to the same government-certified testing that tap water is! Surprised? Check out more reasons to drink from the tap. [FitSugar]

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