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Want to retreat to a completely relaxing space? Try these incredibly simple tweaks from Nadia Geller, an interior designer in L.A. and host of TLCs Date My House.

Hang curtains
But not just any curtains. Take a cue from high-end hotels and opt for lined curtains, so your room is dark and tranquil. Curtains make your space feel luxurious, too, adding to the haven effect. Dont want to spend a lot? Geller recommends getting two inexpensive panels and hanging them one behind the other on a double rod.

Get the right light
Mimicking nighttime sets the stage for better zzzs, so get a dimmer. They are easy to install, cost about $10, and “are perfect for setting the mood for sleep or intimacy,” Geller says.

Tone it down
Bright colors and strong patterns rev up your senses, making it harder to relax. Use spa tones as inspiration, and stick with light to medium shades. Some good choices: warm blue-gray, light khaki, muted olive-green. And theres no need to buy all new bedding to get the effect—just spread a neutral-color throw on your bed.

Deep-six clutter
Invest in a big hamper for your dirty clothes and cute baskets for all your junk. Getting all that stuff out of view gets it off your mind—and makes winding down a whole lot easier.

Make it count
The right sheets will make your bed a true comfort zone, says Geller, who recommends 100 percent Egyptian cotton, which is “breathable and soft.” Choose 300-thread-count sets. (Skip higher counts, though; theyre not worth the steep price.)

Nix noises
Its a fact: Street sounds that you dont even notice during the day can keep you up at night. If you toss and turn to a soundtrack of traffic and neighbors, invest in a white noise machine. Got creaky floors? Putting down a thick area rug (or adding a pad underneath) ensures that your man wont wake you up during midnight bathroom trips (and vice versa!).

Ban the ‘Berry
Nothing ruins a good nights rest like a beeping BlackBerry or blinking laptop. Keep them—and stressful thoughts of work—out by moving your workstation into another room. Not possible? At least put up a screen or sheer panel to hide your desk. And stow the television in a cabinet that you can close.