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Your Shower Curtain Has More Germs Than Your Toilet—But This $11 Product Can Change That

In fact, it has more germs than a toilet seat, toothbrush handle, and faucet handle combined.
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If you had to point out the dirtiest object in a bathroom, you'd probably go with the toilet seat or overflowing trash can. But it turns out there's something even more sinister collecting strains of bacteria: your shower curtain.

A study conducted by Safe Home in 2018 discovered this household object has more germs than a toilet seat, toothbrush handle, and faucet handle combined. Even worse? 57% of people surveyed admitted to seeing mold on their shower curtain. Of course, it's impossible to avoid germs altogether—but can we collectively agree it's ironic the space we go to get clean is also the dirtiest?

Well, it's officially time to put an end to that irony by swapping the LiBa Mildew-Resistant Shower Curtain ($11; for your current one. The heavy-duty liner is coated with a special treatment that stops the growth of mold and mildew to keep your shower feeling fresh and clean. It's advertised to inhibit growth for four times longer than any other design on the market—and shoppers agree it's the best, leaving it almost 58,000 perfect ratings.

Every element of the best-seller is taken into account, from the rust-resistant metal grommets to the unique ultra-smooth design that repels water for a faster dry. It's even made with eco-friendly PEVA, a safer alternative to PVC that's made without all the icky chemicals. Plus, the bottom of the curtain even has weighted magnets to prevent it from moving around during your shower.

Available in a clear and white, or with a frosted finish, the sleek curtain even comes with a 90-day money back guarantee—not that you'll need one if the reviews are accurate.

"My previous shower curtain was disgusting," wrote one shopper. "I allowed it to accumulate mildew and soap film until it was physically revolting to take a shower. A few weeks back, I purchased this item and enthusiastically hung it in my tub. I shower daily (sometimes more than once), and after several weeks the LIBA is just as clear, clean, and fresh as the day it was hung."

Another confirmed: "This shower curtain has prevented mold and mildew better than any other shower curtain I've previously owned. (I've tried at least half a dozen other brands in the past year alone). Since my bathroom doesn't have a fan—and humidity build-up is a big problem—most shower curtains don't last more than a couple months until they get disgusting. I've now had this for 4 months, and there continues to be absolutely no scum build-up on it."

"Not that Shower Curtain liners are a high-ticket item, nor particularly inconvenient to replace, but after discarding yet another liner after barely 4 months of use, I sought out a mildew-resistant option," says another reviewer. "This has not disappointed [me]. Thicker and sturdier than most liners; even the magnets are stronger! It has remained impervious to clouding and scale build-up, still crystal clear."

LiBa PEVA 8G Bathroom Shower Curtain Liner, 72 W x 72 H, Clear 8G Heavy Duty Waterproof Shower Curtain Liner Anti-Microbial Mildew Resistant
Credit: Amazon

To buy: LiBa Mildew-Resistant Shower Curtain, $11;

Not only will you feel better knowing your curtain is mildew-free, but you'll love that your bathroom smells better, too. That's because the treatment also acts as odor prevention, so you can say goodbye to funky mildew scents. 

Let's just say, we're not surprised it's Amazon's best-selling shower curtain. In fact, the only real shock is the price. At just $12 per curtain, you'll wish you made the small change earlier.

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